X1C: Buy Now or Wait for the Next Model's Release?

Close enough and incorrect.

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Have you actually tried it?.. alright: post a pic or a video of a large and complex ASA part that didn’t fail printing. Something that is 25cm x 25cm x 20cm.
Telling me it’s “:incorrect” as I am sitting here with the failed part in my hand, is ridiculous.

now don’t get me wrong - I love my x1c. but it has limitations that the x1e does not… and that makes the x1e “better”. which is what this post is all about.

anyway - i’m quite certain I wont convince you despite my proof and your lack-of, so lets just agree to disagree.

but the X1E is still a “better” printer.

If X1C fits to your needs, go with it.
It is the same as with buying latest newest car model - there will be issues that will be addressed in the later product updates.

Well - 3D point was poting this thing in part. Unfortunately in German, you just have to turn on the subtitles with the English translation. They operate round about 35 Bambulab printers.

X1E certainly has its right to exist and as I try to said, for those who the differences play a role, the 1000 euros will for sure quickly go across the office table but for me that’s really not an option or something were I ever will look on. These printers are really targeting very different Customer segments. If I needed a X1E I would probably rather hire the man with the printer than buy a X1E - since it`s not all about the printer only.

I have bought 4x P1S 5 month ago…I need only 10 days to earn the 4k € I had spent on them…>day10 they earning money for me…I dont see the sense to wait…you loose money when you cant print a big idea…after 4 month some other guys try to make money with my idea, but its okay for me.
have more ideas than time to build.

It’s not the printers who deserve this, it’s you behind the printers who implements something with his head and heart… .with $4000 in 10 days I can file for bankruptcy in somewere in 130 days, but only because I have reserves for 90 days :wink: Where money flows in, a lot of time and money flows out very quickly too… Always be the master with decades of experience in whatever business you choose.

The way i look at the issue is as such. There is always the next new thing/new model, but the really focus for you should be what you actually need for creat your ideas. If the current model is needed in your projects and it will be working for a extended period of time, then go for it. It would be silly to delay your projects too much to just wait for the release of the new model, which only god and bambu lab guys know when.
For me i got the x1c since it will work great for me.Hope this answer helped.

Wait for the next model and they may reduce the price of the X1C. The only thing they could really improve upon would be to have an active chamber heater and a bigger size bed. But then it’s likely to be a lot more expensive too. K1 max seems to have a fairly solid base machine and a good community driven upgrade potential but if you don’t like customisation then maybe not for you. Creality are also having their 10 year celebration in April and are apparently releasing another model and will likely reduce the price of it again. Here in Australia it’s 1/3 cheaper than an X1C already, so BBL will have to do something really special or cut corners to stay competitive IMO

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Quick nozzle change is what I want to see in the next improved model. The CEO even said the current design is atrocious.


Ah yes. I have a panda revo coming to fix that.

Thats the absolute minimum and then it’s not nearly enough - I won’t be bought anymore if the door only opens 90° again and that’s not the only thing that’s mandatory now as well as no way anymore without TPU in AMS :wink:

I had a lot of fun with my Adventure M5 (not the Pro version) this weekend - I want to be able to reach everything in less than a minute!

Well, the M5 also has disadvantages, but they did a good job and the thing is fast and so cheap that I’ll be happy to turn a eye blind. Ok, print profiles need to be adjusted a bit and not everyone will find out right away where. Level instructions should come from the slicer to the 5M. Display cable could be a little higher quality - but I fell head over heels in deep love with the accessibility to the print parts of the non-pro version - but probably also a bit of personal view. Flashfroge can also keep there 5M pro in there warehouse too :wink: above 700 USD Spaghetti monitoring for 24/7 operation and permanent leveling is a requiret.

Bigger size bed and implement the A1’s nozzle change and filament insertion at the head. They add those changes and I buy one to set next to my X1-C.
The bigger bed will increase the price but the other two should not.

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They will announce something in the next couple months for sure. I’m not sure if the wait is worth. X1C is such a good machine no regrets. They may dorp it’s price with $100 - $200 and that’s it.

They already Osborne’d themselves.

By releasing the A1 immediately after the Mini, they pissed alot of people off that would have gladly spent the $100 more.

Realizing that future products will likely be upgrades to existing ones. I will have to wait until information is given before placing orders. The longer they take to release information, the longer they don’t have my money sitting in their accounts. (Which im also fine with lol)

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If anything, the A1 fiasco has given them reason not to rush something to market before testing it thoroughly. That said, the A1’s particular problem should have been obvious and caught in a design review, long before it was manufactured and put into the field.

Meanwhile, Peopoly seems to be making fast progress with its linear motor 3D printer design. If Bambu released a similar machine, it would totally disrupt the market (again).

Well, everyone makes mistakes anyway, but just a very few learn from mistakes.

The golden key doesn’t fall from the sky - first there will be always a lot of headaches that have to by solve with passion. And if anyone speaks from experience, it is this gentleman:

And one thing is possibly for sure, with an X1C you can print a lot of kilograms of filament. That probably day and night:

I’m definitely one of the people they pissed off with the A1 release. Not even a month later after I bought the mini!! I’m still mad lol

This youtube has a good soundtrack, so +1 for that, but what exactly is it describing, and how does that relate to the rest of this thread?


From my memory, it was pointed out here that you shouldn’t wait because the X1C printers do a lot. And yes the X1C works and works and works and the video shows that incredibly well (but the maintenance work is almost unreasonable). So: If you need it, buy it - if you still have time, wait…

I think this time lapses part of the video (video doesn’t start from the beginning) makes it very clear. These printer do a lot, many 1Kg plus parts go through the printer - one after the other. If you look at the construction, several are needed (there is only one example of eache part in the time lapse). Lidar is usually underestimated - an X1C really works and has the most advanced self-monitoring also with regard to first layer testing and spaghetti monitoring. Is 50 kg of fillament enough to construct something like that Silencers? Even if that’s maybe 10 kg for a final design silencer, with the incorrect prints for the construction/design creation you can easily load 50-80 kg into a printer until you get the desine to work so that someone can download it.

Self-monitoring is also very, very important to me to get a printer to a workhorse…

May if she (following video) did her toilet on a X1C than she do not come to this point (video starts by 115 seconds were she got her short “midlife crisis” Why not an X1C for the toilet - I think she would have gotten through the 30 kg of fillament with much less headaches):

So I could say to “EmilyTheEngineer” - No, I’m not getting frustrated by 30 kg of fillament in a month :wink: At least not on a X1C…

I like my Flashforge adventure M5 in Pro and Non Pro version but I use it when I need to press something quickly in between (No longer sandwich a pending print jobs between an X1C print job). I also find the Arco and the Magneto X very interesting but the X1C’s strength is its self-monitoring.

The workhorse is and remains the X1C and there is still a lot to do in terms of ease of maintenance. So: If you need it, buy it - if you still have time, wait… But don’t compare a single other Bambulab printer with the X1C. It’s missing that little extra bit that defines it to and make it a workhorse (As long as you have 1-3 printers that you don’t want to play attention to. Exception: As long as a print farm isn`t your goal. Than you are anyway in a printfarm and the self.-monitoring of the X1C is might not be your first choice).

Addendum to @BambuLab

yesterday I saw a very interesting report on TV. Online trading gets first time decreasing smaller market shares (I can’t remember the countries noted anymore). Main justification, decreasing trust in order fulfillment (including warranty services). Switzerland is an exception, but may we also have strong online retailers who react quickly.

That’s a lot of cash for so little benefit. Even the nozzles are overpriced for what you get. The diminishing returns just aren’t worth it. Check out the video below.

Panda Revo - Quick Change High Flow Hotend for Bambu P1/X1