X1C new user must haves

So my unit has shipped and should be here this week sometime. What would be the main must haves in the way of accessories that are not included with the printer or I would likely need at some point. Anything from 3d printed parts to parts from retail stores.


I highly recommend this poopchute!


That’s a dangerous question because there is no “right” answer and you will get a lot of recommendations. :smile:

If you want to enjoy your printer for longer, you should first print some maintenance tools and read the corresponding instructions in the wiki. This will certainly save you a few tickets and some waiting for answers for tickets. :wink:

And of course a bit stuff to upgrade your printer. :smile:


It will be easy to get overwhelmed with “first prints”. Stick with a Bordon tube release tool w/AMS plug release, a plastic scraper and a Poop Chute. The chute mentioned above is fine if you have the room. You can also wash small children in it. :laughing: The rest are nice to have LATER but I would get some hours on the machine and learn it’s quirks and fine automatic options.


… whereby “later” in my case was 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, my prints became visibly worse, even though my printer had only been printing for 180 hours. I then cleaned the carbon rods, cleaned and lubricated the z-spindles (lead screws), tightened the belts and since then the prints have been (almost) as good as new. :wink:


I’m pretty new as well and have done three full maintenance procedures. Coming up on the fourth. None involved using any of the items you listed. A course microfiber cloth was enough to clean the rails and screws. Just don’t use the same rag on the carbon fiber rods–Zero lube on those. Clean with alcohol on a microfiber cloth and you’re done.

I don’t know what those “timing belt” Do-Dads are for. You loosen the screws, move the head in the X & Y axis, then you tighten the screws. The best first tool(s) for anyone should be a set of Long Stem Hex Drivers. You can first use them to unpack your printer instead of those fumbly alen wrenches they give you.


As already mentioned: there will be countless recommendations. At least! :smile:

Wouldn’t it be breathtaking if everyone just made their recommendations and Bsimmer chose the ones he liked? Instead of discussing whether this recommendation is better / worse than that recommendation? Because they are - obviously - all subjective anyway?! :thinking:

Well … just sayin’. :wink:

One bottle of Dawn basic dish soap and some lint free paper towels. Filament.


Perhaps, but the title says “New User Must Haves”. :wink:

Yeah, but even “must have” is subjective. My “must have” isn’t necessarily yours also.

I absolutely must have this stuff, because to me it’s essential that my devices do their job without bitching! In order for them to do that, I have to take care of them and this stuff helps me to get the printer (back) in good condition. :wink:

Besides this I have to agree with GenericUser:

Must have. Literally! :smile:

One of my first prints, if not the first, was the tool that makes applying the cool plate sticker easier. Probably could be done without it but I’m fumble fingered and didn’t like the free spool of orange that much so why not something I’ll rarely use? I have used it once in over 1000 hours of printing and that was due to having left the screws out of the nozzle assembly. It worked well, replacing the sticker was a 10 minute job.

My list from a prior post is here.

You need a good quality Allen wrench set of hardened steel. The included 1.5 and 2 mm wrenches that are included are made of dried out cheese. They will wear out after one or two uses and start to damage your screws if they work at all.

Sooner or later you will need to remove supports. Flush cutters, hobby knives (Xacto), needle nose pliers, small files will all help.

I don’t know what build plate is included now, but I really like my High Temp (smooth PEI) and double sided textured PEI plates. Wish I’d had them sooner.

I looked at a lot of poop chute designs, sliced a few, but never printed any. Look around, you probably have a small box sitting around that will work just as a well. I cut the top off a large peanut jar from our recycling bin.


These Allen wrenches may not be the best of the best but I did assemble much of the 3Dsets Landy and all of the Buggy with them. That’s north of 800 screws. And I’ve used them on my X1C.

Am i wrong to suggest scraper from built-in models as very first print?
Next would be some poop bin.

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The following are under the category more of “quality of life” improvements as opposed to “must have”… that is until you have them and then lose them or run out and realize just how important they are.

In lieu of the Bambu supplied metal scraper which runs the risk of damaging your build plate I might suggest this cheap scraper from Amazon that I recently discovered and discussed in this post.

Aside from that, I might suggest printing a large poop bucket but use the one that allows you to insert magnets. This topic is one of personal preference as to whether you want side or back mount but what ever you decide, the two things I would suggest is print one that sits high midway above the shoot while also tall enough to touch the table. Then get one that is magnetically held. You will not regret it. Here’s a search term for a bunch of them up on Printables.

I also found that printing a spoiler scoop was a very handy addition to have when it’s time to clean out the bottom of your printer, which will look like a canary’s birdcage fed on a diet of filament in no time. The problem with the bottom of the printer is that it’s very square, the spoiler allows you to scoop up the junk at the bottom and pull it out of the printer with much less hassle.

I have a P1S, but I don’t think that changes my answer. I’ve learned the hard way, so I would strongly recommend you keeping an extra hotend assembly and extruder on hand. A small number of clogs and failures cannot be rectified on your own, and so these are the most likely parts you will need to keep your printer online.

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Can’t agree with this more. I almost ruined my printer using the 1.5 wrench that came with the printer. The Wera screwdrivers on Amazon are excellent.


Is that clever? There are instructions for tensioning the belts, so you don’t need to add extra tension (or what’s the point?). That’s why Bambulab has built in springs that create the right tension. Over-tensioned belts lead to a deterioration in pressure, and some users have even broken timing belts because they over-tensioned them. Too much tension also puts more strain on the bearings than necessary and results in increased wear. I would therefore advise against anything designed to increase the belt tension.

Best regards!

I know. In the description of the parts is written:

-measure wich of the distancing plates fits now and add about 0,6-0,8mm.
(BambuLab suggests to add a max of 1.0mm each side wich is quiet a lot. If 4.0mm fits loose go for 4.6-4.8mm)

(highlighted by me)

I haven’t found this passage right now but I don’t guess he added it by himself. :person_shrugging:

I wrote him a message and ask where he found it. :wink:

The description of the belt tensioning procedure has been updated at 22nd of march. Has the mechanics been changed recently? :thinking:

And here we have the solution:
It’s not an official statement. It’s a recommendation from the support if the belts are already worn out and what you can do before you change them. :confused: