"You are temporarily blocked from redeeming points"

Yea opened a ticket, no just single profiles but probably a lot of models that looks kind of the same. Not much just they thought I was caught for to many points in to short of time, then manual verification and I got unbanned.

I am in this situation today.

I was able to redeem one purchase last week, but this week it’s making me wait. I keep trying every few hours, hopefully I’m not spamming someone every time I try!

“Temporarily Blocked
2023-10-28 21:02
Due to recent violations of acquiring points on your account, MakerWorld will temporarily suspend your related privileges.”

The fun didn’t last that long, now I’m banned again lmao. Really starting to feel a bit sus, I was first banned when my models start getting some heavy attention, I get unbanned and make an update to the models, inform the guys doing the project that the files are back up, unfortunately they get like 1/10th the attention they first had before my ban, but at least I got some traction, then bam, another ban. At this point its starting to feel like they just don’t want people to download my models…

Also yet again, I have not spend a single point I have received. Literally no reason to be afraid I’m violating rules to gain points. But now I kind of feel like I should redeem as many gift card as I possible can so everything don’t turn to dust over night…

What is your account name

I think what some users overlook are the rules that say no external links. External links are outgoing and incoming links to or from other pages. But I haven’t found anything more specific about what Bambulab means by “no external links”, or exactly what it means and whether it is actually meant that way. As far as I have seen, models with a lot of downloads (possibly several hundred or even thousands in a few days or weeks) always have external links. Could that be the reason for a block? Who knows …

Perhaps Bambulab is not currently informing users about bans because they are working on a solution / change. After all, it’s all still beta!

Same as here but without the 1, “Asdfgasdfg”.

You should appeal, your account looks rather normal for downloads and the like. Hear what they claim is the issue.

Yea I updated my old ticket. But this time I only got banned for 5 days so might be something else compared to last time which gave me a year. But still lack of information on what rule I was supposed to break. Also it doesn’t seem like my models went private like they did last time, I got a system message saying I’m banned, but I cant really notice any difference, maybe my downloads/likes doesn’t count any more, or maybe they white listed me last time so I will just get the spam but no automatic repercussion. I really don’t know, ill have to see what they got to say on Monday I guess.

I was also very disappointed about this.
I suddenly received a notice that I was temporarily blocked for one year without any prior warning.
I even think one of my bookmarklet creations was blocked after being downloaded too many times.
The file has been deleted.

It seems the moderation team is totally out of control, does not verify anything before punishment

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Are we certain that it’s actually people? I’m willing to wager that this is a algorithm or bot that has gone amok.

You know, BETA or not, this Makerworld site was launched half-baked and that is a pet peeve of mine when companies launch a software based technology and let the user community find all the bugs.

The phrase “差不多” (chà bù duō) which means “just good enough” or “almost”, is obviously what applies to Makerworld. It’s a Chinese business philosophy that they’re proud of. In the west, it translates to “taking cheap shortcuts” , “shoddy workmanship”, “Bad Quality” or to coin a new term Anti-Six-Sigma.

I would have hoped that given Bambu’s track record of trying to put out quality product and competing on innovation, that this sentiment would be something they would try very hard to conceal. But as the old adage goes, a leopard cannot change its spots nor a Zebra its stripes. Shoddy workmanship is baked into the Chinese business culture so Makerworld shouldn’t surprise us.

No its most certain an automated system doing the initial banning/suspending. At least that was the response from the support when I asked them. But there seem to be quite a distance between the first line support you talk to and the second line that actually does the work.

There are however a couple human choices that has been made which is terrible, like I stated before. Why ban people, turn all of their models private/delete them, before manually verifying? If the system light up and warn you, just prevent them from redeeming any points until they have been verified. No reason to close down their entire page just because they are getting popular, unless of course you don’t want people to actually become to popular. Having your page shut down take away a lot of attention from the creator.

I intended to buy an A1 mini preorder this weekend with the help of a couple redeemed gift cards, but cannot redeem as my points are awaiting verification.

I have six models in draft but I have a bad feeling to publish them. I don’t know if they are violating any rules here.

BTW BL: What are the rules?

I decided to give Maker World a chance in the hope that this messy story will come to a good end for all of us.
Otherwise I’m thinking about leaving the BL universe because I’m very disappointed about that behavior.

Here are the community guidelines

Are you able to view the email address?
I am only getting that the email address is protected and get redirected to a cloudflare site saying I must enable javascript in the browser (which is enabled).

I assume its contact@bambulab.com

Regarding the block for redeeming points issue.
I believe that BL have seen that the point system was a bit “kind” in the start and are looking into possible changes. And therefor stopped the accounts acquiring larger amounts of points from being able to redeem until they have better control.
I know it is a touchy topic. If they change the amount of points a gift card cost it will get most contributors mad as they have earned the points by following the conditions set at the current point of time.

I would suggest reducing the points a model is receiving per download and potentially even reduce the points even more at certain higher download limits.
There should be less points in the starting levels of a model as well. The first 50 downloads is giving too much points.
Even the first 200 downloads is giving too much points. (1 model at 200 downloads within 30 days will generate around 2 giftcards based on downloads and print profile usage)
This is something BL knew very well when setting the points earning system. This is also what made contributors heavily contribute to the site and helped building content.
Regular downloads should maybe be set to 400-500 downloads per 30 day to make it less achievable to gain.

Commenting, posting makes and rating models should be generating more points as there is not that much comments or rating on print profiles at the time being.

I really hope for a good outcome for both BL and the creators in this matter. We are here for each other and try to build this community together.

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I found the guidelines but I still don’t know which of my model was violating against them. That’s my problem, and probably also for the most of us. We were just guessing that it could be a problem of too many print profiles.

I totally agree. But why don’t they just reduce the points but rather ban some of us? And the only information is something about “violations of acquiring points” without any explanation. That sounds like I’m a criminal.

You don’t necessarily have to have broken the guide lines, I think they are running an automated system trying pattern recognition or domething. Support said they assumed I got banned for getting too many downloads to fast, not really breaking the guidlines but I guess multiple people downloading multiple of my models in a short time made their automatic system believe it was bot behaviour or something.

Have you sent them a ticket?