Your package is being returned!


DHL carrier was too tired to deliver my P1P and sent it back.
I can’t reach anyone from bamboolab for days now, to clarify whether they’ll send it again or refund me.
Any suggestions? Maybe someone has experienced the same trouble?

Open a ticket in the store.bambulab page. Simply click on the little chat icon on the bottom right of the page and choose “general inquiry”. They responded within 24h.

Thanks for suggestion

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Same happened to me. I did not get any response from the support yet. Did they ship the printer again in your case?

Support told me they are inspecting the returned printer and sending again or send a new one.

Did you hear ever again from them? The package was returned to Bambulab last Wednesday (according to DHL tracking). On Thursday, I opened a ticket. Got a reply on Friday morning that they are inspecting the returned sending blabla (I am sure the exact same thing like you got) and since then I didn’t hear anything from them. I don’t really understand what takes so long to ship you the goods you already paid for. I can accept that they made a mistake but the printer is back in their hands for a week now and they still didn’t do anything except send me a standard Email. And the order is marked as “fullfilled” in my account of course.

Had the same issue last year. They missed the company name off of the shipping label so the courier only knew the the estate and not the building to deliver to, it was stuck going back and forth for weeks.

It was only pure fluke that I found the address error. The build plate turned up as a separate parcel after I asked the courier driver if he had a parcel for me. He had a parcel that he couldn’t delivery due to lack of address info and it had my name on so I managed to collect it.

I tried to explain this to Bambu support again and again and redelivery attempts for the printer kept failing. The address I had giving them was correct, and on the account it was also correct. But when the shipping label was created it always missed the building name/number.

The final fix was to get it shipped to a diffident none commercial address as they couldn’t seem to solve the label printing error.

Have not heard back yet…

I dont think its an adress issue this time… the accessories all made it really quick, I think they have a tax declaration problem or something wrongfully declared.

In my case is a private address. It’s just extremely bad service then if your are an online shop but don’t even manage to ship the goods. I will give them until Friday and then file a refund with my credit card company.

Sounds good, will do the same, they told me if they cant manage to resend the existing one this week they will send a new one next week. I will wait a bit longer but if I don’t hear anything until the start of next week I will refund too.

I had the exact same thing. I’ve contacted them and received the same generic message as everyone else.

I’ve been on their case for 3 weeks now and they haven’t responded. Even DHL has noted that the package was successfully returned to them.

Still they won’t respond to my update request and even more so now when I ask for a refund they ghosted me.

Spoke to the bank here and they advised they can clawback the funds in this case. So may be an option for you too look at if you don’t hear back from them.

Hi there,

I apologize for the lack of updates some of you had on your tickets.
We will check again to see exactly what happened, and get back to you with an update shortly.
It’s not something normal, but we will figure it out and solve it.

Thanks for your understanding

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Got a response:


We regret to inform you that your package was returned to us due to a customs interception. Our logistics team is actively working on resolving the issue and expects to have it resolved within this week.

We apologize sincerely for the delay caused by this issue. We kindly ask for your patience for a few more days while we work to resolve the issue. Once we confirm that the problem has been resolved, we will arrange for reshipment and provide you with updated tracking information.

Thanks for the informations and the 50 eur voucher code, I will wait a bit longer. :slight_smile:

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I do have the same issue… I bought an X1 carbon combo along with accessories and filaments sent from Germany to Switzerland. The accessories made it to my home quickly but the printer not. For a reason I don’t know it was returned midway to them, it never left Germany. In DHL it shows returned to sender, in their website successfully delivered.

The problem is I sent email, I opened tickets and still NO ANSWER ! this doesn’t start well bambu labs !

I can see that a reply has been provided to you.
Please check the Handy App or the Support page.

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They sent a new printer from china instead of germany, I hope everything goes well with the delivery :slight_smile:

Thank you BambuLab for figuring out a solution! :slight_smile:

How did you manage to do this?! I am still waiting for my printer even nearly three weeks after my order. The only answer I received was an acknowledgment that Bambu is having problems. But that’s about it. No solution, nothing. Just the usual „we are looking in to this“.
This is just such a bad customer experience!

I was friendly and reached out to support… support was not the fastest but else all good…

I checked the tracking again, its sent again from germany / DHL, the tracking website they sent me was just confusing.

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Same situation here

I ordered X1 Combo last Monday to Switzerland. Saturday at midnight delivered… Not really possible. Nothing more from bambu lab.

I then had the idea to ceck the official DHL Tracking Site, because there could be more inforamtions then the bambu tracking. And guess what, the Parcel has been returned to Bambu Lab in Saulheim.

Ticket is opened, we will see. If i don’t get an answer or my payed printer in a short time, I will rate this as not well done fraud attempt and report this to paypal.

Not a good start with Bambu Lab (and i don’t care if there is a problem with DHL…)

So if you are from switzerland, think twice before you order from bambu lab EU