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manual bed leveling gcode from website is not working for p1p can help me ?


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What do I need to do in order to post a new topic?

Hello all, after a heavy series of printing, I had my first issue. Seems it cloughted and kept printing creating thus massive rock stuck on everything. Any tips to removed without damaging? Or what caused it?

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the “P1P Enclosure Kit” is still not available to be ordered, up today it’s quite and year that I’m try to order it.

If I try the buy each single parts that compose the kit, they are available, ofcorse the total price is in this case will be €283,85 EUR instead of €170,19 EUR of the kit.

There will be the possibility to order the kit in the nearest future, or at the and the only solution will e to order each single parts?

Due to the fact that the single parts are available, another good way could be to directly apply the 40% discount of a cart that contains all of them.


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My Bambu Lab P1P don’t tell me when it round out of filament.?

Can someone help…?


HELP i need the origninal SD card that came with the P1P


I have had the same problem, but from the day I tried to change my nozzle into the 6mm I can not get the board to even come close to the nozzle. I can not factory restart everything in hope for it starts working, there is nothing I have done that has worked for me until now. I can see that you too has ttied to put the glu on the board in hope that it helps, but I can tell you it wont. This printer is very very expensive and I have lend money to buy it, and now this…:frowning:

It could be that the hot end is worn, or that no glue was used on the base plate

Hi there Dave I’m afraid there is no resolution to this issue as Bambu lab does not currently sell the SD card you will unfortunately therefore have to buy a replacement and then format it by Plugging it into the printer then go down to settings, and clicking the SD card option and then pressing format

Hope This Solves your issue
William :slight_smile:

thanks hopefully this works now thank you

hey guys im new ok so a lasy night got this erros message 0300 08008 and now my tool head is not heating up propely

Did you ever get a response? I had the same issue occur last night and it cracked the extruder and head cover

As i can not write somewhere else, i try here to get some help.
Topic is usage of support filament;
as support filament is more expensive than regular PLA, and filament change takes time and material, i would like to restrict usage of support filament to some layers only.
I.e. the object consists of 300 layer, and only at layer 250 support is needed for the object. So, my idea would be to print support structure with regular PLA until layer 245, in layer 246 to 249 support filament is used, and in layer 250 comes the regular PLA from the print object.

When using Bambu Lab, “Slice plate” generates the support, but then i can’t change the filament in screen (like “painting” or “filling”).

Hopefully i could describe my thoughts and ideas.

I had same issues and unmounted the nozzle assembly. Then I put all this assembly with the printed plastic massive ball in the hoven at 100°C for 10min. When it is hot you can easily remove PLA or PETG by hand without burning yourself.
Don’t heat more than 100°C or the injected plastic parts will melt also!