AMS Custom Filaments

Please add the ability to enter in additional Brand Names of filament, and filament types and materials - so that RESYNC in bambu studio then automatically selects the custom filament profile, if the name entered in the AMS aligns with a filament profile name in bambu studio.


You can already do this, but it isn’t intuitive nor straightforward.

What I did was use the custom filament tool, created some other brands and filament types. Then the important step appears to be that you need to do a flow dynamics calibration of that filament, and hey presto it gets remembered properly and can be assigned from the device page in BS or from the X1C touch screen.

Here is the proof.

Trying to redirect to where I added full instructions here. But unless i pad out this post I will reject due to being too similar.

I created a custom filament. Then using the Device tab, I selected the 3rd spool, and used the pencil icon to edit that spool to be the custom filament and chose the color. After clicking Confirm, the label changed to the filament material PETG, and the color changed to blue. But then about 5 seconds later, both of those identifiers disappeared and it then showed a non colored ? Is this a new bug or is it just me?

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I see that now… haven’t tried it just yet, but will, and see how it goes.

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I guess my excitement was short lived.
The capability is very limited, in that you can only select a Vendor.
You can not create custom material profiles… you can only choose from a drop-down that has all the basics… like PLA and PETG.

Materials such as PP, and PMMA are nowhere to be found and no new materials can be added. You can only select from a drop-down list.

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Doesn’t work.

I can see it under the filament edit icons in Bambu Studio - but NOT on the printer touch-screen.

…aaaand I got it fixed.