Ams fails to push filament to the extruder

That’s right! Exactly the same issue!

Just got my p1s and AMS combo approximately 10 days ago, I’m having the same issue as everybody else with it not feeding first thing I did was take apart the hotend even though I clean the other one it still wouldn’t work so I replaced the hotend because every time I had an issue with my any cubic mega x that was the issue. When it didn’t clear the problem, I turned to the forums here. I have yet to take my AMS apart, but hopefully I will find the same problems (minor problems preferably) that everyone else has found regarding the AMS feeding issue. I have done a lot of prints since I got this unit and I’m very pleased with it, until last night. I don’t do posts, but I’m frustrated so , here we are.

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my issue is different but along the same lines. ill make a post.

I hade the same issue on the 2nd day of owning the printer. I ended up having to do 3 times what MunirAdlan41 here mentioned with his steps that resolved it for him. I however was able to push the filament through all 4 slots of the branching part when the 6 screws where unscrewed. Only when I tried all the steps for the third time I was able to resolve it by this time pushing the filament back and forth. Then finally two small broken filament pieces fell out.

I find it also really odd that the machine keeps jamming it in there when its clear that something is stuck. When It finally stops, it stops in a way where it also holds in the material at the top, so you can’t even pull that part out.

did you ever solve the issue? This is what happens to me.
if I cut the filament it will work.

I am having the same issue - Just received my AMS yesterday & it will not push filament into extruder. It hits a point in the extruder then retracts it.

Couple weeks at the least.

I had same issue with my new unit and filed a ticket with all required documents (log, video…etc). BL sent replacement PCB and motor (mine also had retraction issue) in two business day, but they sent them via snail mail that took a week to get to me.

Cut off about 8” of filament. Turn off the printer. Now whichever slot is giving you a problem, manually push the filament into the 1st stage feed hole. Push it down as far as you can, if it comes to a hard stop, you probably have a piece of broken filament in there.

I was getting a bunch of “Cannot feed filament into extruder. Then the error message changed after a few tries and said a piece of filament is stuck in the AMS.

You will have to take the tray out of the AMS and look on the bottom to see if the filament is in the tubing.

You will then probably have to pull the tubing out of the 4-way manifold to remove the piece. Then reverse your steps to get going again.

I hope this is your problem and solution because it is an easy fix.

Problem solved - Here it was the Bowden tube on back of printer was shoved into printer too much. Pushed it back now loading is a breeze.

Filament. I use SUNLU and eSuns. I would switch to a new spool and it would be fine again.

This is a really good thread. I’m receiving my first P1S/AMS next week and if I have any issues with AMS I’ll come to this post.

Had a problem with AMS failing to push into P1S extruder recently. No clog or anything like that (manual filament feeding was ok). After clicking like 10x retry it was able to push it in.

It didn’t matter which AMS slot, so I replaced buffer with another one that I had (just to see if anything will change) and… problem is gone.

No idea why as I don’t see anything bad or damage in “old” buffer.

same problem with 1 week old p1s, had to disassemble the extruder twice to get stuck bambu pla out. Only happens in slot 2. BUT, on the bright side I now know how to take the whole hot end/extruder gears etc apart and put back together and drop springs on the floor and take 1/2 hour to find it.

I just bought the P1s with AMS and had the same issue without even one print. I solved the problem as follow:

1- open the AMS module and access the motor where all 4 filaments come together.
2- check if you can turn the gear wheel with your finger, if not, proceed to unloose the 4 screws on the plastic tap on top of the big gear shaft a little bit until you can unlock the gear+motor

you Sir are a literal God.

AMS Mainboard and Motor swapped already.

Support and me out of ideas.

Just finished my first AMS print ever.

So, just had some … version of this happened. Some sort of software conflict I believe, no obstacles. Kept getting a message to push the filament to the extruder and the ams would only do “partial load.” every time it would reach the “junction” gear and sensor it would kick it back. So, I got the 2 “bed screw” out from inside the AMS tipped it, push down the junction gear got the filament past, slipped the bed back in put the tube back on then pushed the filament all the way to the extruder. This worked, but it was also very messed up afterwards. I thought I should be able to trigger everything from the P1S, which I think was the cause of my issue. because after it started to run… the gear and motors were screaming … I thought they were doing some sort of recalibration but then when it started to print it was a ginormous layer shift. So I stopped it, killed 12 of 22 hours and started over again.

But, again, I think the secondary issues was created from trying to load the filament from the unit not the handy or ams after replacing. “the auto” replace didnt work because I forgot to reload before I started the print, something else I also think is stupid if you dont change-ie its the same exact filament that was loaded before … but oh well. Why not have the option to select another one on screen? Anyway doesn’t matter. I think it would have worked if I had not used the p1s interface directly.
My bad.