AMS Port 3 gets Stuck when changing Filament

This makes me mad that bambu labs fraudulently sells this for 400 dollars knowing that it has a flaw. On top of that they charge 35 dollars for it. I am thinking about contacting a lawyer for a class action lawsuit against bambu labs. Seriously this is bull ■■■■ 400 dollars for something already broken by the company. Bambu if you’re reading this get with me and others to fix this correctly.

Thank you, I tried this and it worked. There is something about certain types of spool and filament combinations that the AMS does not work well with. Very interesting that you’ve seen this happen with their own filament.

Bambu Support walked me through some troubleshooting and has determined the internal hub and motor needs replacement. The parts are in the mail and under warranty. We’ll see if it helps.

Could you record a video in which the problem can be seen and heard?

I’ll pile onto the issue, I too am having an issue with slot 3. When changing filament or at the end of a print I get a message that the filament is stuck, intervein and hit retry.

All I do to fix the issue is disconnect the quick connector that is right out of the printer itself. I disconnect the connector and slide it so I can touch the filament inside. I then hit retry and I hold the filament to feel the force its pulling at, but what happens it the filament continues its path and completes. It’s like just disconnecting the tube fixes the issue.

And one more, slot 3 just got stuck after a less than one hour print.
Any solution found already?

I’ve been working with support to address. So far they’ve replaced the internal hub and motor to no success.

I’m getting the same issue now. Only in slot 3, but not when using Bambu Labs own filament. Only with SUNLU.

Now they’re sending me a replacement AMS main board and, for some reason, another motor.

The issue is its path from the hub into the printer. There are some mods to keep the path into and out of the hub straight and you can add clips to keep the tube tied to the data cable. I found this to be effective.

When did you buy the AMS? Mine is from August to November, AMS have a serial number for comparison. Because I have no problems as described here.

Mine is 1 month old. I got the combo kit directly from Bambu Labs EU warehouse.

Then we will probably have the same version. Strange…

My AMS is on the printer, with the original PTFE hose. I have all the PTFE hoses lying in such a way that they can move freely and are not pulled on. None of them is glued down or attached to anything.

Check the last post here:

This fixed the issue for me.

So this fix did not work for me. Trying this one now: AMS Fix Failed To Pull Out Filament Error by SPStudio - MakerWorld

+1 for SUN LU PLA filament. Brand new spool.

Had the printer for a week and printed only slots 1, 2 and 4 up until now. I haven’t done any filament changes mid print yet.

The SUN LU spool in Port 3 got stuck after the print (99%) when filament was supposed to be withdrawn from the chamber. The print itself was successful. After it happened for the first time, I took the hotend and the AMS apart but couldn’t find anything wrong with it.
The second print ended the same way at 99% with a stuck port 3.

I will contact support as this unit is merely a week old. Bought directly from Bambu Lab store. I can print the fixes of course, but since it is a brand new printer I think Bambu Lab ought to look into it.

Yeah - Houston, we have a problem. Something is definitely borked with slot 3. Support suggested I swap the feeders (which is actually pretty easy). The problem remained in slot 3. I redid the tubing, printed the fixes, no luck.

And yes - this happens with SUNLU PLA.

I totally agree. Something is up with slot 3. It has 100 % failure rate out of the box.

On a side note: I printed app. 1kg Sunlu without problem in slot 2. The spools have standard dimensions and don’t seem different to any others. 3D Prima are wider, but I haven’t tried them yet.

I also had problems with filament retraction and other things in the beginning. What can I say, these problems started with place 3 in the AMS. For some implausible reason, I preferred to select position 3 before I had problems. This is the magic place 3 in the AMS.

When I thought about it later, when I started reading the thread here, I thought: I also had problems with place 3? But I quickly remembered that this was nonsense (as I just wrote above). The problems with my printer all had a different cause, especially with too much heat in the print head. All the AMS slots work equally well for me.

It is mysterious. But it looks like the AMS is build symmetrical.

Good evening!

As absolutely ridiculous as it sounds, this fixed the problem for me. Through support I had replaced the first-stage feeder twice, the internal AMS Hub, the internal hub motor, and the AMS mainboard. This print is what fixed it.