Bambu Lab Region Lock (China)

I heard the Bambu Lab printers (China/ Domestic Version) is region locked to be only used within China. Is there any clarification on what precisely this region lock covers? I haven’t been able to find this information.

  • Is only the Bambu Lab X1/ P1P locked, maybe at the motherboard level (while AMS is not locked, etc?)
  • Can the Bambu lab printer be used in LAN mode if the cloud won’t work, due to region lock, etc? Or it won’t work at all overseas, even via an SD card?
  • Are the Bambu Lab printers sold on the Global Website to China/ Taiwan/ Macao considered domestic versions and thus region locked? Or only the printers sold at JD Mall are considered domestic stock.

I’m someone who lives/ travels often around SEA and China, so I am considering buying the Bambu Lab or some parts when I’m in China/ Taiwan, etc.

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I just got my p1p, and its suddenly turned out to be chinese version. I did not know that its possible and i cant bind it to my eu account (eu, us, others). In bambu lab pc app i can change region(in android app i cant) to china but it requires chines phone to register. The only way to use the printer is use sd card, i cant update firmware for get lan mode even.

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If you bought it in china, well, tough luck.
If not, contact support and either they can unlock it or return the printer.


Ya apparently for region lock machine there is a label on the outer box ‘for mainland china only’ mine doesn’t have that label on the box . But I haven’t try it yet

Hi all I was bought Bambu Lab P1S printer from Aliexpress just recieved it tomorrow. I live in Mongolia. Today I tried to activate it but printer was locked. {IOT Error Region Limited} when I try activate it. From Aliexpress shop not informed me this printer has Region limited lock, they just say it is not work and connect by internet it work just SD card. I did’t understand it for me printer works officially it is not problem. But it was different than I understand. If any one did unlocked it please make video on youtube please show how to activate register it. If did it send please by my Email
Good luck every one

i’m with P1P lock issue too
now i order Sim card with CN number waiting for delived if it work i will help you guy dont worry


Here’s the same. I recently received a P1S with AMS combo. A Chinese version. I binded it with a Chinese number and now it is working perfectly and the firmware had been updated to the latest.

How did they lock the region? I think it’s from the firmware level. By reflashing the firmware to the MCU everything will be cool. Bambu P1S runs on a Coretex M4 MCU. With a programming cable, and correct firmware I think it’s doable.

i am in the same boat

it will not work also even u have china number. the machine need to connect to the server of china to get the QR code and then u use your bambu studio handy to bind it. i have try using the VPN of china server still not working as well

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Trouble, I ordered a printer from China and then accidentally found out about the blocking. The printer is still on the way, but I’m already worried. If someone finds a solution or can help, write here or in private.

me too. i facing the same issues

me too, currently can only use LAN mode with BB Studio

unfortunately support wouldn’t help you to unlock even though all control by their cloud.

is not the MCU but the WIFI module which they don’t sell, out of all parts that’s the only electronic component not listed, furthermore in wiki also mentioned change of wifi module need to contact support for registration.

I got the same issue, it is incredible that has passed 10 mounths and the brand has give no solutions to all the users that got this trouble … Sellers in alibaba or aliexpress dont give u information about this when you gonna buy, fail experience …

Can I enquire as to why you are buying machines from sellers on Alibaba or Aliexpress instead of buying directly from Bambu or legitimate reseller?


I guess it’s from considerations of financial cost.
Unfortunately in my case it was due to innocence and I am currently trying to figure out how to overcome the problem.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend contacting Bambu Lab support directly or contacting the manufacturer through their official channels. You can contact the support team or check the company’s official website for announcements or documentation regarding the region locking policy. Also, I know it’s not unreasonable to buy proxies from different locations for the future. If the information is not publicly available or is unclear, contacting the manufacturer directly is the best way to get accurate information about which models are region locked, the extent of the lock, whether LAN mode or SD card usage is affected.

I have the same issue as all of you. Bought a P1S from Pakistan without any clue that there is such a thing as region lock. Anyway, while I cannot connect via their cloud, I am still able to use the Local LAN option and connect it with the Bambu Studio. Just got my first test print from the Bambu Studio via Wifi (local LAN).

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Hi! When you used a Chinese Number was there any IP Block error? I have heard that even with a Chinese Number, they also check for the IP. If that happens, I don’t know if VPN will work or not.

I am facing the same issue, by contacting their Chinese support they indicated to me that even a VPN wouldn’t allow the printer to be bound. This was possible a few month back to bind the printer via chinese account, but recently has changed unfortunately. I am also stuck in lan only mode without the possibility to upgrade the firmware.