Banned for 1 year only because I was on holiday?

Hi! Yesterday I back home after a couple of week, I turned on my printer and done a couple of print… everything work fine…
This morning I see that they gave me a couple of boost, so I used one, and keep the other waiting for a beautiful model.
A couple of minute ago, I entered the site and find that I was banned…
Maybe the activities of my account looked suspicious because I don’t do anything for a couple of week, but, I don’t bring the printer with me on holiday… I made the appeal but also read here that never the remove the ban… what I can do? I bought the bambulab printer 3 week ago, but i’ve the account from february

What model did you boost?


Did you visit Makerworld while on vacation with your account?

That’s just my guess you’re on different country IP address. It is most likely automated system flag.


I don’t think the issue is that, I would suggest to contact support to ask for explanation. Usually if you are banned MW notify you something about it, did you receive anything?

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yes some visit, but usually I use the pc from work and it is under vpn, so idk which ip it use

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no, nothing
i made an appeal

They also reported and take down all my model (all they was mad by me, no copyright problem)

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This is why you were banned.


iok but why report it??? the model are mine

Do you have these models posted anywhere else and if so can you link to them?


some on thingiverse, but 80% only here

Tomorrow I will start my vacation and I will leave the country. Now I’m concern about checking my account, but I can not leave unatended the comments in my designs

I don’t think you should worry. There seems to be more to this story than meets the eye.


I left the country a while ago for vacation and checked comments etc regularly - it was not a problem.

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I’ll take “What isn’t he telling us” for 500.

I struggle to believe MW will ban someone and they not know why, or why their models are taken down. That sounds like at a least tiny little message to inform him.


Want you check my message? They don’t Say nothing

I would imagine they sent an email that you missed. You would have been warned unless your offense was particularly bad.

I’ve been a moderator and admin. I’ve also fired people. One thing is for certain, that if someone is banned or fired they know why and that it was coming. At the least they knew they were doing something wrong.

That your models were reported is the first clue.

What did you have removed? Did they have print pictures? Did they belong to someone else? Did you only upload renders like Thingiverse?


Hi, no, i usually don’t miss the email.
I’m not new to the internet, and also I was admin and moderator of lot of forum and site.
They removed all my model, some of day, such as, are a windows made for a creek, or a cap with an unicorn made for a biberon heater.
Every of my print have a real photo, because in my first month day taken down some of my model taken from thingiverse that don’t have the real photo, so i already know the rule
Also here my statistic… did I loook like a cheater? no one download my model XD

In March I was abroad for 1 month, in June for 1 week, continuing to visiting MW regularly from different countries, no way this is something you can’t do.


They answer to my appeal with a “standard” message…
We have received your account suspension appeal and after careful review, we regret to inform you that your appeal has been unsuccessful.

So now i can’t appeal again and i can’t do anything…
I expect that soon they will delete this post