Beginner prints & quality concerns

While printing this lovely model (Bambu PLA Matte, Bambu Studio settings as provided on page below, no changes at all)

I noticed it came out ok, but im completely new 3d printer user, thus wanted to ask your opinion about some artifact i noticed, and curious if my p1s is fine or needs some tweaking

in the lower part side of the box, close to bottom there’s noticeable difference in quality, like not same as higher parts

Also the bottom base printed with supports, but when supports removed, the quality of those part touching support is definitely different than other parts of the box without support

is anything wrong with machine or is it part of fdm printing reality ?
Do I need to tune sth with machine, like calibration of the flow or other things ?


There is nothing wrong with your machine. These are perfectly normal FDM prints. You can get rid of a lot of these with some fine tuning but that will take a lot of effort and research.

all right, thank you. nevertheless what could cause those bottom lower side artifacts ? it looks like when printer finishes the bottom base and starts building up the sides, there’s small shift thus causing this irregularity, not sure why

It is not a shift. It has to do with the fact that the bottom is pretty solid and the walls are not. They contract and shrink differently due to cooling and that is what comes out as the lines around the bottom.

The poor quality of the bottom where the support interfaces with the box is a result of the fact that the slicer is leaving some space between the top of the support and the first layer of the product. If the slicer would not do this the support would never come of the product. There are some ways to mitigate this by using PETG as support interface layer for instance, but that is pretty advanced.

For an out of the box printer with standard settings your printer is doing great!.


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ok great, thx a lot. indeed this bottom part is not critical as it will be covered with printed ribbon, though for other prints, i might use petg or bambu support pla for that interface layer touching the actual model, letss see then.