Colorful 3D Printing For Everyone


Is that a new extruder with the cutter on the other side?

One reason I see for for an extruder cutter on the other side is a dual head large bed printer that accepts a full 16 colors per head? Hopefully thats a little window to the extruder gear so we can see it spin. If so, Im gonna need some more ams units.

Imagine one head purging while the other is printing. That would cut the color change time to virtually 0…

I introduce to you the prusa xl killer. Dubbed X1XL

Make it $1600 without ams and you may aswell change the company name to Monopoly

At this point, we should all just :pray: for backwards compatibility lol.


Hey Guys,
please announce that i can upgrade my X1C. :face_holding_back_tears:


My guess is an extruder mounted display similar to those currently popular with Voron steathburner extruders.


For me, It looks like a “C,M,Y + white” extrusion. Let’s imagine they use white as a base in the middle and push and retract the colors to whatever amount they need… like mixing acrylic paint. They should be able to accomplish a good range of different colors all through one nozzle. There should be just a little left to purge once you go from a dark color to a bright color… any way just speculation… looking forward to see what they come up with.


I think you’re thinking too small. Bambu Lab tends to make big steps. How about an extruder that can switch nozzles/filaments on the fly thereby getting around the “poop” waste? Do you really need to swap out whole extruders like the Prusa XL or can you just cut the filament and rotate in a different nozzle?

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Very possible! I wonder if it may also be a stand alone replacement extruder for other branded machines so they can use the AMS system? Might explain why they added a bunch of printers to Bambu Studio?


Greetings all !! My guess would be a 512 x 512 X1XL with a brand new 8 filament AMSV2 and this new filament switching extruder that keeps pushing the right color in a continuous flow just like the Mosaic Pallet feeds the color continuously. IMO the purge tower may remain but lot smaller with no poop bucket…

Really like @ehteok 's comment too, similar to the DaVinci (i dont think it ever took off), mixing CYMK filament to generate the right color (like a deskjet) , sure hope so :slight_smile:

Nice! Can’t wait to see that

Hi all
And I was just about to purchase a new X1 Carbon.
I guess that may not be wise until I see what this is all about.



So what we can glean from the picture

  • Two hex “mounting” screws
  • A wider than normal filament inlet
  • What looks like a filament tensioning arm on the top left side
  • Filament cutter on the right side
  • Embossed round window or screen
  • “Bambu Lab” on the very bottom (contrast cranked)

In the announcement it said “Colorful printing for everyone” so i think we can assume lower cost AMS alternative?

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This seems very reasonable when compared to the title “colorful printing for everyone”

1 filament from each of the 4 AMS’s??? 16 Colours maybe just guess’n like everyone else. :smiley:

My guess is a generic AMS, like the Mosaic Palette, that will work on whatever printer you want. Thats probably not a hotend but the part that will push the filament through a bowden to your ender 3, ratrig, etc.

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Only problem I see with your thinking the cutter can’t be on the other side. (I know the picture shows it) but if you look in the printer there is an arm sticking out that pushes the cutter lever. But that spring arm is only on one side if the printer frame.

Now if what your thinking is true then if it comes with the spring arm for the other side and firmware to tell the printer where to go to cut, then you may be on the right track.

I ordered an AMS right before the announcement, I hope I don’t regret it


I think it might be AMS support for other non bambu printers. If it is something new for bambu printers then I really hope theres a upgrade path for existing printers. Only had my P1S AMS for a couple of weeks and would hate for it to be “outdated” already!

Think about the cost of materials in the AMS compared to a printer. I bet the profit margin on AMS compared to a printer is very good. There’s also a market gap for automatic color swapping while there is plenty of different 3D printers out there that will print very good. Smart move of Bambu Lab so snag that gap in the market if that’s the case.

The cutter would need to be in the head or the purge would be insane.

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