"ETA End of January

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I suppose I ordered at exactly the wrong time. I order a little over a week ago and I though at the time the X1-carbon combo was in stock. About two days after I ordered I noticed a “ETA End of January.” Does anybody know what kind of reputation Bambu Lab has when shipping.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Clinton Caraway


In my case i received an email the moment it was in stock and ready to ship, from then on it was delivered within a few days (within EU). They seem to have their logistics pretty well under control and up to now they have delivered on their promised stocking schedules (as far as i know).

I would expect an email towards the end of january. After that it shouldn’t take long (depending on your country of course)

Great choice btw, i’m loving my X1C combo.

I ordered the Combo on Dec. 26th and got it on Jan 9th. They did have a notification that they were not shipping until after holidays. Been loving the printer since I got it.

I ordered X1C combo on Monday and received it on Friday👍🏻 For me it also said that ETA = end of Januar. I‘m located in Germany.

It’s a new company so can’t really judge the reputation quite yet. It’s obviously not a major failure so that’s a bonus.

Covid outbreak in China and Chinese new year both causing labor shortages is out of their control.

Just be patient, it’ll be worth the wait!



Odered on 7th of january but still no answer :frowning: was saying eta by the end of january when i bought it. But now on the shop it say end of febuary. Im from Canada , do i have to expect it end of january or febuary ?

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I am seeing people who ordered after I did receiving theirs X1-Carbon Combo and people who ordered before me who are still waiting.
It looks like a brand new company would go a lot further to better to improve the customer experience. Even if it’s just a weekly update.

Really need to.improve custommer services…

I ordered my X1C Combo on Jan 20th. At this time it said ETA end of JAN but i haven’t heard of them since. Now it sais mit FEB. Guess i have to wait :frowning:

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Same for me. Ordered the combo January 21th, ETA was end of January, now it’s mid Feb. Zero communication from Bambu. Hoping that new ETA is for new pre-order only. i’m located in France, warehouse is Germany.

Same here! Orderd January 20th… and still waiting for any information. Nothing is more frustating than not to know whats going on!

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Don’t you think you ordered a end of January slot.
And people who order now get a mid February slot?

I pre-ordered 23 jan, heard nothing yet.
But because Chinese new year, i didn’t expect to hear anything before end of January.

I found it pretty clear on the website.
You pre-order and end of January or when there is stock available you get a final payment request by mail.
When you pay it is a matter of days before delivery.

And end of January is when they expect to have stock in the distribution center. Not when it is on your doorstep.


I preordered 24th of January and was pleased to pay via email today. So I guess „end of Januar“ still was true at my order.

I figured as much. Paid in full when I ordered. They said to allow 3-10 extra days for my location. I’ll be happy with anything in Feb. I didn’t know about new years but once I did, I understand. It’d be like trying to get companies to respond during Christmas.

I just don’t get the rage from some people. Let them enjoy their holiday. It’s not like someone is going to miss out on a trillion dollar overt unity because they didn’t have a 3d printer….


Pre-ordered 23-jan from eu store.
Got the additional payment link this morning.

Update, got track&trace
Exiting :sunglasses:

got my final payment email today. So the printer should arrive in the nex few days :slight_smile:

I pre-ordered around january 23rd and it said eta jan, but now on the website it says pre-orders eta end of march. I havent gotten any email from them yet about payment so when should i expect an email?

Mine got shipped today atleast i got a DHL tracking number

Apparently I did get the order confirmation yesterday, it was in my junk/spam folder. So heads up to anyone waiting, check your spam/junk folder to make sure!

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EU here.
I ordered the X1CC jan.25th when the page said backorder until end january. (Now it says beginning february.)

I got the final payment request in my mail jan.28th (Saturday!). I payed it and got the delivery notice and DHL tracking number in a new mail a few hours later.

Now I will spam the DHL page every day to see when I get it.

Cudos to the Bambu-Team, working on saturdays to deliver all orders. :vulcan_salute: