Fail to feed filament into toolhead

I’m getting this error 0700 8006 142105 and not filament is going thru the extruder I see the filament going all the way to the entrance of the extruder but not going thru. Disassemble the extruder and not clog found I can even push a filament with my hand, install new hotten and nothing, filament gets to the entrance of the extruder an gets roll back, it does it 3 times and the error pops on the screen.
Any suggestion?? I don’t want to think I just purchased “Paperweight” I’m new to 3D printing and my reason to purchase this was the easy to use propaganda that I saw every where.


Do you have the AMS?

I am not understanding your statement that filament gets rolled back.

The AMS try to feed the filament into the extruder but it fails an rolled the filament back to the spool, it does that 3 times and pops the error on the screen.

Now in my attempts to get the printer working I unplugged the AMS and I was able to print with the spool holder on the back, but once I plug the AMS again all the problems feeding to the extruder start again

Are you using Bambu Labs filament with the RFID tags? If so, is the AMS properly identifying the filament type? If you’re using a different brand of filament (not from Bambu Labs) then I believe you will need to set the filament type and temps on the printer (or Bambu Studio) before it will actually load the filament.

Check out this Reddit posting. See if their solution helps you…

P1P+AMS persistent “Failed to feed the filament into the toolhead” : BambuLab (

This happens to me when the filament is tangled in the spool. Does it do it for every filament you try ?

Being new to 3D printing I’m using every thin from Bambu Labs including the filaments just to have a smooth learning curve and avoid having variables that I don’t know how to solve. Actually my problem started when I try to load a new spool from Bambu Lab inside the AMS, it was a refill with the RFID tag on it and use an empty spool that came with my second AMS (which I haven’t install yet)

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I have the same problem, any luck resolving this issue?

I’m having this issue as well but only with PAHT-CF, I have used 3 other filament types with no issue and i have Bambulabs PC running on it right now. Just refuses to feed the Bambulabs PAHT-CF brand new fresh out of the bag.

Same issue i have with the AMS and the feeding, The rootcourse is the

And how to solve it ? I’ve got exactly the same problem.

Depends on the exact root cause. What I have had so far:


  • PTFE Tube not pushed in fully → Push in fully
  • PTFE end damaged/not cut straight → Cut PTFE tube exactly straight

Less common:

  • Filament expansion following heat creep → Test by cutting deformed filament tip, then avoid future heat creep by tweaking filament change settings

There’s also a thread here where a few people experienced a nasty issue with the extruders filament sensor being broken.

And of course for AMS jams, there are threads here and mods on Malerworld.

Hi, just got my A1 and after connecting everything I had the same issue. After some troubleshooting I found, that the first time AMS tries to feed the filament, it will hit extruder gear, cannot push trough it which results with error message. So the only thing you have to do is to push “extruder gear disengage lever” until filaments feeds into the hotend. After that, there will be a piece of filament in the hotend, because cutter cuts it before hotend. Next filament will push that piece out.

After messing around with this. My problem was the actual filiment. I changed rolls out and everything worked fine. Put the filiment that was causing issues back in. Errors again. I ended up cutting 500mm of filiment off that roll. It now freed fine.

So I’m unsure if it was the filiment diameter possibly?

Hello, I am also new to 3D Printing, including Bambu Lab’s Printers, I currently own an X1 Carbon, with AMS, I have a problem, where I can feel the extruder slightly pulling the filament, it even starts the print, but during everything (purging filament, or calibration) it never actually prints, any reason to this?

It’s possible you have a nozzle clog but first I would try extruding filament from and external spool. Heat up the nozzle, load the filament and use the screen to extrude with the bed lowered down. If this works, try printing a part.