Feature Request - Turn Off AMS Lights When in Standby

Again, as per my post many moons ago, was wondering if it’d be possible to request that the AMS Lights turn off when printer is in stand-by?

Mainly due to part longevity - of the I only ask again here because i’ve noticed if the printer is left on for a while idle, the lights sometime tend to ‘surge’ (ie. almost flicker randomly) which may indicate a voltage fluctuation.

My Original Post from Mid-Jan '23 here:


Seconded. Switching off the fan after a certain period of time would help too.

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Yes, i added that exact request as well to my other post earlier…

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Yes please turn off ALL lights when the system is in standby. No reason to have the chamber and print head stay lit.


Yes, they’ve come part of the way with the recent firmware update (turning the fans off) - but for some reason, lights (print head and AMS) lights still stay lit…

Maybe just a case of baby-steps. :slight_smile:

+1 on this. What am I even pressing the “power button” for if it can’t even turn off the lights? Give us an option to only turn them on when printer is “on” or printing.

Yes. This feature needs to be added. It’s basic off function to turn lights off.

+1 As somebody who had their printer in their bedroom, its quite annoying to not be able to turn the AMS and hotend lights off.

According to the Bambu Lab X! Specific g-Code thread you can turn off the hot end light I’ve been meaning to try this.

You could print little caps to cover the leds on the AMS or just use black electrical tape…


+1 here, too. Would love to see this as an option.

+1 from me too. It seems so simple and obvious that I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already. It would help to extend the life of certain parts and it would help the environment a little. I find myself using a smart plug to turn it on/off when I use it remotely.

My X1-C lives in my shed and all the unnecessary lighting during overnight printing, as well as Standby just attracts unwanted flying and crawling insects… so then arachnids show up… I’m nervous what comes next to hunt them! :wink:

Dark-mode feature request pls

Best reason ever for this feature. And +1 for me as well.