Feature request -Turn off Hotend and AMS LED lights when in standby

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First of all, as a absolute first-time 3D printer user, must say that i’m blown away at how easy this printer is to use/navigate for a user like myself. Team have done a great job, so kudos on the work done thus far! I feel absolutely spoiled to be starting with this printer in many regards.

My request was to be able to turn off the LED light on the hotend as well as AMS when the printer itself is in standby mode. Just seems awfully wasteful (more in terms of part longevity) to have those lights still on when the printer itself is not in use or doing anything… Either that or i’m not printing nearly as much as i should be to be complaining of the above.

Edit 17 Mar '23: Also might be an idea to turn all the printer fans off after a certain period in idle

Anyway, just a thought/suggestion! Hopefully others will weigh-in as well!


I agree with the previous post. It makes sense to turn off all backlighting when the printer is in standby mode.


Agree with this. One of the first things I noticed is that the lights stay on.

Anything that needs the lights (e.g. user activates camera stream, a print resumes, etc.) can trigger them to turn on again until the next standby timer.


Superagree!! And the humming noise, too… there must be a fan running or something


Or wven do what my asus router does when its in sleep mode, breathe colours ie low/med/low/med/high/low.
Is it bad to just switch it off at the back? As i could just get a wifi power board and use it, but it feels wrong flicking the main switch. :rofl:

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I agree too. It should idle down completely.

You can turn it off, but be aware you must do a bed level on the first print after a power down.

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Yeah i noticed that when i moved it around today. I just dont like leaving electronics on overnight. Especially new ones. Is there a way to vary the intensity of the led light strip as mine is very dim and i need my phone light to lift up the brightness.

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Talk about timing …! I just posted this elsewhere when someone said they were going to add LEDS strips from Amazon.

Copy-paste …
"They designed the LED strip to not interfere with the LIDAR. Slapping a bunch of random LEDs to make it all brighter (some have just removed the strip’s diffuser cover) could screw up the LIDAR.

Now, if you’re like many people who turn off spaghetti detection and 1st layer inspection, fine. But it still has to read the calibration target on the right edge and the plate detection on the front left.

The camera is also involved in all this.

If you get too bright it may screw all that up"

Now, using your phone won’t hurt anything and I’m not sure if a small bit of brighter wouldn’t be OK, but there’s no adjustment offered for the LED strip.

I have an OttoLite magnified stand light nearby, great for inspecting things and a light boost - this one: https://www.amazon.com/OttLite-Floor-Lamp-ClearSun-Technology/dp/B0B299Y1BM
Mine is an older version. Love it.

If you’re in the US and have a Joanne Fabrics store they put their OttoLite stuff on big sale regularly, I think my was on sale and they had a 40% coupon they honored! So, shop around if interested, most Art or Fabric stores have 'em.

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I would probably now also add turning the fan off after a certain idle period… Having it run whilst printer is not doing anything probably isn’t the most productive either

I just use a cheap smart wifi socket / plug.


Totally doable, but also would be nice to have the printer connected to network as well to receive jobs if need be - ie more of a proper standby mode than what we current get with fans and AMS lights still running.


The fan stays on because it cools the drivers on the mc board. Even if you arent printing, its sending holding power to the motors. Ever tried to move the hotend around with the power on? It wont, because the motors are powered

I put a 60mm noctua fan in place on the factory 40mm loud fan and you cant even hear it


Then they should include a standby power mode that does not actively power components that require active cooling.


Totally get the reason, but similar to a cold-boot startup, I would potentially suggest/prefer a spool-down and warm-up delay whilst printer is in ‘standby’ instead of constantly powering all components. Noise isn’t the concern, moreso the constant running/feeding of components that don’t need it in a ‘standby’ mnode.

As i only print maybe once or twice a week (don’t flame me), to have components running/powered in ‘standby mode’ i feel is also wasteful. I feel the only thing that potentially needs to be powered in such a mode (hibernation/standby/whatever) is the Wi-Fi chip/Wake-on-LAN function to get the printer back online and ready to accept the next job.

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I agree to all you said, I too use my printer a lot then will have periods of days without using it, I’m sure that a huge number of users are the same.

I would really like a true deep sleep. As you say, the WiFi probably must remain powered, but that can be easily solved by mounting it as a
plug in subassembly with it’s own logic. Easier upgrade too, look at laptops.

The bigger problem is that the power supply has to remain running for any hibernation scenario and the only real solution to that would be a tiny supplemental power supply that runs when in hibernation (or a more expensive multi tiered power supply).

That said, todays PC have pretty excellent low ‘sleep’ power requirements, yet Sleep and Hibernation problems have been the basis of a heck of a lot of PC problems over the years, even currently.

BL may have looked at that and decided “Nope, not going there


+1 from me on this feature request. It would help to extend the life of certain parts and it would help the environment a little. I find myself using a smart plug to turn it on/off when I use it remotely.

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I think i must have missed something in life…

My best solution for printer not using:

Anywhere in the world i can

No energy-waste in standby-power. Turn on If need.

Thats all…

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Also, it would be great if everything turned on again when the door is opened (great use for the door sensor, which is still unused)

The “smart” wifi plugs are great until they malfunction and shut the printer off in the middle of a 12 hour print…

Just don’t use it when you’re planning a long print? Personally I would never start a print that long remotely. I like to make sure the bed is perfectly clean and general maintenance is done before starting something like that.