Filament is almost ALWAYS out of stock... What gives?

General question here,

Is there any plans from Bambu to make up for the obvious lack of filaments being available? I want to buy the standard PLA, however - since I have my machine for 2 months - it’s almost always out of stock?

Are there any plans from Bambu to actually produce more to keep up with demand or should I continue to buy non-bambu filament, since, I am looking to buy an AMS system and, well, without official filament - others have informed be it will be tricky.


Edited to make language a little less blunt. Apologies if it comes across rude.

It’s not “always out of stock”, but as soon as they get stock it gets snapped up. Bambu doesn’t make filament themselves, they contract with a couple of different suppliers.

Ignore what you’ve seen about issues using non-Bambu filament in the AMS. Indeed, 98% of my AMS prints are with non-Bambu filament (I have only a few spools of that.) Just buy from more popular brands and you’ll be fine.

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Why would they? You are not obligated to buy their filament. They don’t owe you filament.

It won’t.

Changed title for point one. Kind of annoying that stock never seems to be available when I need it. I’ve got a 6 month membership for a service I’m actually unable to use on the count that the filament(s) I need have not once been available for me on each occasion that I’ve checked. Before I buy a new roll of PLA anywhere else, I always check here first if it’s available. Lo and behold, it’s not. Sadly.

As for point 2 - that’s good to know. I’m going to be ordering the AMS in the coming days then. Thanks :wink:

I never said they do, I was asking a simple question.

English not being my native, sometimes I can see that it comes across too blunt or direct. But in this point, I bought the Bambu because the filament rolls work much more fluidly? than other rolls I have used with the machine so, would be nice to be able to actually BUY the material intended for said machine.

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I and many others feel your pain. Not sure if they realize the loss they incure by not having filament in stock. Time for a new supplier I say.

So, I just bought eight rolls from a different manf., because most of everything (except specialty filament) is out of stock.

And… I found a new favorite doing so.


The Bambu filament is good, you know the spools will fit the AMS, and the RFID tag reading is convenient as it selects a good filament profile. But those are relatively minor points in the long run.


There is life after BL filament membership. And honestly its pretty sweet once you’ve worked out your routine offbrand supply.

No, they don’t owe him filament, but they do owe him customer service and some folks prefer to not go off-brand.

I’m not a proponent of Bambu filament as my numerous critical posts of their filament service, quality and price attest to. But I also recognize that some people feel that part of the reason for choosing a company to do business with, is the after sale support. Can we say that Bambu has provided that support given the number of Stockouts of common filament that their competitors seem to have no issue keeping in inventory?

I know the game Bambu is playing because I’m from the industry and back when I was in Product Management, I played the same game. You first cut the best deal you can with your supplier and squeeze them for every last ounce of discount and margin. Then you oversell your product and service. How you make extra money is that you’re invoicing your customer before the bill is even due from your supplier, so if you have 30 days terms with your supplier, that’s 30 days of his money you earn interest on. Ethical? Well as the saying goes, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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Give Elegoo a try, I’ve printed many rolls of their Rapid PETG, Matte PLA, PLA+ and ASA using default Bambu filament settings, not generic settings. With exception of ASA which I’ve only used generic ASA filament settings before discovering Elegoo high speed filaments print as nice and fast as Bambu using Bambu filament settings.

I usually buy two or four pack which average out about $12/roll. Use painter tape on the cardboard spool edge to prevent cardboard dust get into AMS tubes as it’s the primary reason BL doesn’t recommend using cardboard spools.

It’s a shame about BL filament supply issue, BL has nice color selections that currently aren’t available in 3rd party filaments. But it’s just matter of time before 3rd party catches up.

If BL wants to sell “membership” then it’s on them to keep popular colours instock. Like what gives? Black, white and grey have basically infinite demand, just keep them coming


In the past days BL only had 3 out of 20 basic pla w/spool available, today the filament stock has improved in the UK store, so rush…
I guess the container ship navigating around Africa, has finally arrived.

Something I recently found very helpful, and therefore worth mentioning, is that the calibrations built into orca slicer have made tuning in a new filament a lot easier than it was in the past.

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