General Feedback / Issue Reporting Thread

hey all,
this is just some general feedback
so before you can make a post you need to complete the disco bot tuturial , would be nice if it is described somewhere

second problem i have, but maybe it is just temporary, is that it is real hard to do anything at this moment, so a bit of optimalisation could be nice

as i am not used to this kind of forum is this all the feedback i can provide at this moment. more can follow later on when i get used to this forum

Greetings from PowerChaos


Hi there,

We are working on improving the performance, as we were not expecting such a huge amount of people to joining so quickly. It will be better shortly.

We will prepare more information about the disco bot to ensure it’s a smooth operation for everyone.

Thanks for all the feedback!


Nicely implemented forums, BL. Very happy to see this resource. It will be very familiar to anyone who has used PHP-BB style message boards, and the persistent conversations will be much easier to find already-answered support questions… much better than Discord, imo.

The discobot is confusing, as it allows skipping initial instructions as an option, with no clear way to return to them other than the discobot greeting message (which has no instructions, just a greeting)

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but I hope it is. I apologize in advance if it’s not. I’ve been attempting to create a support ticket on the main website for a while now but to no avail. I get everything filled in, get the images showing proof of the issues uploaded, hit submit and…nothing. The submit button does absolutely nothing. I’ve tried it on 3 separate devices so far with the same result each time. I need to submit the support ticket since this is an important issue but I have no way of doing it and no other way of directly contacting support. Please advise.

P.S. Sorry for necroing this thread.

I’d really like to post some suggestions, but despite having completed the annoying discobot tutorial and getting the “certified” flag, the forum is not letting me create a post. Nor did that tutorial provide a link to the next step, which is apparently filling out a profile. Nor did doing that manually provide any progress.

Given that the #1 thing new users will want to do is post a question to get help, this is extremely unfriendly. I have now wasted almost an hour trying to get into a position where I can post about a really annoying interface issue in the slicer.

99.44%+ of new users already know how to use a forum and markdown. If you’re concerned about spam, put in a reasonable captcha or quarantine first posts.

to make a post it is done a bit differend
you first go to a topic , then you select a “sub” forum and then you should be able to create a post
so instead creating a post in a single step like “normal” forums ( mybb/vbulletin … ) it is more based on a tag system

it takes a bit of time to get used to, but you get used to it really fast
it does not always make sense but thats just how this forum works ( discourse )

That was not the problem. The problem was that you don’t get the New Topic button until you get Basic status, and you don’t get that until you’ve done some reading around the forums.

Furthermore, this is NOT explained during the forced discobot onboarding. There is just some vague reference to gaining new abilities - and that leads you to believe that “Certified” will grant posting status, which it does not.

I would recommend that that first Discobot posting explicitly specify exactly what you have to do in order to make a New Topic post, because that is what many of your new users are going to want to do. Such information would have saved me a fair amount of time and aggravation – and would have saved you the trouble of replying to this thread.

Link is not working.

In Bambu Handy app: Stop button is right in the middle line, sometimes when trying to wake the screen up by tapping in the middle of the phone screen, it would accidentally hit the stop button.
Stop button and Pause button should be hidden somewhere. I know it’s convenient to be right in the middle for quick action. I like it to be where it is right now, too. But it also has its drawback.

IMO it is unacceptable to require all of these actions, which are not explained anywhere, before posting a topic. As the above user stated, most new users are here because they need help. There is no chat or phone support available and tickets waste everyone’s time. Days worth of waiting only to have something copy/pasted from the FAQ thrown at you. It’s frustrating enough when companies rely on community support to handle problems, but throwing up all these unreasonable barriers even to that is just…well… unreasonable.

Unreasonable? Perhaps if one is impatience. The truth is that most often new user issues/questions have been answered many times on the forum. Forcing new users on the first day to search and educate themselves by reading threads is really not a bad thing. This age old proverb still rings true;

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”



if you do not like this way of working on the forums you could try your luck on reddit , on facebook, send maybe a tweet or join discord

will you get quicker support there ? probably not
will they still trow links to your head until you are burried under links ? probably yes

to maintain some control and a safe place stuff need to be done differend
you get forced to read certain things if you like it or not , and if you do not like it then you move on

on that way we can also enforce rules you agreed to, or in the case of this forum you get used to certain function on the forum
in case of discord you get made aware what you can ask or post on there
redit and facebook has the same rules and there way to enforce it, and normal this forum also has the same rules

eather way how you look at it, if you feel it is unacceptible then i am sorry for you
i do not say it is perfect , far from , but it is still with in reason depenidng how you look at it

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That is completely patronizing. It took 5 minutes to search for similar problems and see that there are no answers available. It took half a day to get basic status. Please don’t act like wasting half a day of someone else’s time is beneficial to them.

and what valuable skills exactly was I taught by going through all of that? And what purpose is served by obscuring what exactly needs to be done? There was no warning that I saw in the sign-up process that you would not be able to post, no sticky thread about how to get there. Even searching these forum was not helpful. I actually ended up finding the the link to this post on Reddit…

Yes, this is feedback. Ultimately up to you if you accept it. I think you should.

hmm… that has not been my experience. I would still like to know how you justify not being upfront about what is required?

I’m talking:

  1. Do Discobot tutorial - get certified
  2. update profile
  3. unknown?
  4. view a certain number of post?
  5. wait 3 hours?
  6. See that you have finally been promoted to Basic

A lot of question marks in that list because I did everything I could find information saying I needed to do but still didn’t have access until (after about an hour) I gave up. Now it appears the access was granted several hours later but I have no idea what triggered it.

edit: ultimately, there is a lot of language in the TOS for this forum about treating people like humans. I think if you apply that principal here it should be clear what needs to be done differently.

The standard requirements are listed here (which can be edited by the forum admin)

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

It doesn’t sound like this community is for you. Cheers. :wave:


+1 for the “This is frankly absurd” camp.

I made an account after spending 20 minutes searching the forums and not being able to find an answer. But that “doesn’t count” towards my “you’re an idiot beginner” time.

I just want to post an issue…

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I don’t see how you could be credited with the 20 minutes spent before logging in. There was no way to identify you, no account to credit.

Yeah, no ■■■■. Hence the sentiment that gatekeeping posting is stupid af

“Durhhh. Have a problem? Make sure you log in while you’re researching it so that we can credit you with our ridiculous system that assumes all users are morons”

ahhhhh here i am, another one of you waiting to be able to make a topic

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i’m sure someone needs it so I will tell you to inbox @discobot here and start the tutorial

don’t make the mistake I did, reporting it for the wrong reason when prompted to report it, as you will need to restart the entire tutorial