How not to fix a blob

OK so I started a print. I am not going to bore you with how it happened but I ended up with a blob.

I order to solve the problem I turned to YouTube got a screwdriver, took the hotend out and cleaned it. In order to do that I had to use a heatgun to remove the remnants of the blob and the piece of filament that was stuck in the nozzle. I tried to stear clear of the fan as much as possible.

Since I was this far I decided to take the extruder apart because I had the hard metal gear set that still needed to be installed. I wasn’t very complicated. However …

When I had put everything back together again I wanted to calibrate the printer before printing. The calibration stopped. When I had a look at the little screen it said “HMS-ERR-0500-0300-0001-0002”. I looked it up and it said that this meant Toolhead malfunction. Remedy restart the printer. I restarted twice but this made no difference.

So I checked the plugs. They seemed ok but the error message remained. I then took the hotend and extruder out again, inspected them and resassembled. I put all the plugs back again said a prayer and switched on the printer.

No joy :sleepy: the error message remained. Suggestions anyone?

It sounds like a ribbon cable is not properly seated or maybe something with the extruder assembly is jammed.

Any chances you can take some detailed pictures of the cables extruder assembly and maybe we can help you identify the issue?

It’s most likely a cable connector…

I’ll try that tomorrow. But I am afraid it looks just like before I took it apart. I also checked (twice) if the new gears could move freely. But I will try to take some pics tomorrow.

Here is a pic of what started it all.

Grtz Theo

Only a small blob.
Concentrate on the connectors and also check the main connector on top that it didn’t come loose. Very easy to put those connector in slightly offset so pay attention to proper alignment

I would start be reseating all of the cables.
The last time I had an error with the toolhead it was after reassembling the extruder and I didn’t notice the tiny ribbon cable (that attaches to a hall effect sensor to sense the cutter) had lifted slightly.
Once I reseated that cable it magically worked again.
Since this error only started after you disassembled things, it’s likely a cabling issue.

A connector issue was my first thought also. As I wasn’s sure if I maybe put a connector in a wrong receiver. But I checked and as far as I can tell that is not possible as they only fit in one receiver. I disconnected and reconnected the connectors at least four times (two on the extruder, two on the hotend and one on the cover) but this didn’t help. But like I said in my last post in another tread, usually it is not wise to try the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. But sometimes it works like when connecting the printer to wifi :grinning:

Grtz Theo

Some of the cables can be connected incorrectly though.

I would look at this and make sure it all matches up.

Hi Lexi,
Thanks for the suggestion. But to be honest when I see the photo’s I am not even sure what I am looking at. I didn’t t take the toolhead sofar apart that I could look at both sides of the PCB. When I put the connectors back I followed the bends in the cables. I tried If the two cables of the hotend would fit in different slots. And as far as I could see this was not the case. The only mistake I made - but that happened to me before - was not to take pictures before disassembly. Tomorrow my young friend will come to my workshop and we will look at this issue with four eyes. Two of which are more experienced in this field. And these two eyes are not mine :smiling_face:

Okiedokie. Best of luck to you.
Let us know how it goes.

Check the pins on the board for all the connections. You may have inadvertently bent a pin or two over while installing the connectors. “Ham” hands and poor vision is a serious deficit with electronics. :wink:

Ham hands no. But poor visoin definately. Only 60% or less in my left eye. So today
i dug out a magnifying glass that I can ckamp onto my P1S so I can actually clearly see what I am doing. :face_with_monocle:

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You might consider getting an industrial endoscope, AKA-Borescope. They have come down in price a lot in recent years. I use one often out in the shop and machine shop for parts inspections. Most will photo or video within an inch or less and have a color screen.
Just a thought. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks for the tip. Had been thinking about this before. So I just ordered one that hooks up to my phone. Only € 7.

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