Latest Bambu Studio and firmware no longer print

I just updated both app and firmware. Studio seems to be sending the print, but the printer just sits idle. Studio can turn things on off (like the light), but it never indicates that it’s got a print to start.

Mine as well… going to revert the version until this is fixed.

The BL Cloud appears to be offline. Just be patient.
In the meantime you can use the SD Card to transfer the file manually.

Yes, Bambu Cloud seems down. Topic on that point was here : Is Bambu Cloud down again ?!

Indeed, there are “alternatives” :

  • use SD card
  • activate LAN mode and use FTP client to reach the internal FTP server of the X1C in order to upload the file (then there is still the need to start the print through the touchscreen)

" activate LAN mode and use FTP client to reach the internal FTP server "

Does that work, please ?

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there is no LAN mode on the P1P and AMS prints wont start from sd card on a P1P. So the printer is just a big papaerweight right now when the cloud is down.

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On X1C, this is how you are using FTP to send files.
Activate LAN IP mode on printer (in network settings).

Take note of the ACCESS CODE (like “123A1234”) and the IP ADDRESS of the printer (like “”).

Export the plate in Bambu Studio
Just use the “Export plate” instead of “Print” (top-right dropdown list in Preview tab). Keep the original filename (like “.gcode.m3f” = do NOT rename the extension)

Transfer through FTP
Use any FTP client (command-line, WINSCP, FILEZILLA, …)
Configure like this :

  • hostname = IP address found before (mine is
  • port = 21 (“FTP” protocol and not something else)
  • login = bblp (this is hardcoded and cannot be changed)
  • password = the ACCESS CODE found before (like “123A1234”)
    Transfer the “.gcode.m3f” file manually in the client, and put it this file at the root of the FTP server (no sub-folders allowed), like :

Then launch the print on the touchscreen of the X1C in a regular way. MQTT could also be used for this, i would say, but i’ve not tested it yet.

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But will that work on a P1P?

It will not until Bambu updates the firmware to allow it. very frustrating.