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Hi peeps, like cura can you add the ability to group merge and ungroup parts so you can use multiple part models?

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I’m not a Cura user, but when you load multiple parts (STL, STEP, etc.), it asks if you want then combined into a single print. I’m not sure you can group/ungroup them later.

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Yes you can. See attached pictures.

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just found this looks like you have to do it yourself. begs the question assemble.? bit hap hazard…
Stacking Objects | Bambu Lab Wiki

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Hmm, I would recommend doing the assembling in a program like Fusion 360 / Blender / Solidworks.
For me the slicer is only to setup all options, not adjusting my print model itself.

Then why have an assemble button that doesn’t do its job.? lol

I think just bad translation. Better naming would be group/ungroup.

The button does (Assemble) NOTHING that I can figure out. split fine but putting them back together. !!

Unless it has a lot to do with this. !
Project Based Workflow | Bambu Lab Wiki

They do say this:

Assembly View
Assembly view is particularly useful in colorizing models, setting slicing parameters for parts, and assembling printed parts.
In Bambu Studio, you can switch between them freely.
NOTE: Assembly form requires that the original import model is an assembled one, like a STEP file.

Which means you start of with a assembled model from the start. Not the other way arround.

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You should still be able to do it in Bambu Studio, but obviously, something is a miss with Bambu Studio. !
is there something wrong with your assemble in Bambu Studio @Bambu lab software

First image to objects
2nd image I moved one object into the 2nd object
Third image I selected all then chose assemble.
4th image I move both objects that are now 1 object.
5th image is add part

Put cone (or insert from another stl part) on bed
Once placed in right place and then you click off the added object, it is merged.

Could this all be implemented better? Sure. Create a github feature request on how to make both assemble and add part work better.

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Sometimes the question is whether people want a program that can do everything but none of it really well, or rather a really good slizer …

Because Bambu Studio is a slizer and yes it is not perfect yet but it is quite good, all other functions are small extras that it does not have to master perfectly.

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This is in cura this

this is what I thought your software would do.
Is it Possible ?

Those are separate STLs? Select them all when importing, Studio will ask if they should be combined into a single print.

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I go back to this. ???

Stacking Objects | Bambu Lab Wiki

Not as is should be-- doing it yourself… hap hazard.

Or everything went wrong with the software. Bambu Studio

As it looks like they were trying to assemble but didn’t work.!

How to Stack Objects

  1. Select these objects (by Ctrl+Left Mouse Button, or Shift+Drag with Left Mouse Button)
  2. Open the context menu (by clicking the Right Mouse Button)
  3. Choose “Assemble”
    In this way, all objects are assembled as a whole one and each original object turns into a part of the newly assembled object.

As mentioned, currently for multi part models with all STL imported at the same time, it will ask if you want it assembled, when done this way it assembles the model correctly. As for the other, ‘stacking’ and assemble version that is how it was implemented. Feel free to open a feature request for that to be automated.


Have I posted this Feature Request in the wrong place. !

Assemble takes me to a weird screen where I dont know how to interact with the parts, why can’t I just shift click the different parts in the objects menu ad combine them where I have them by shift clicking them after lining them up the way I want them, just like layers in photoshop, why isn’t there an option to combine when you get there error the objects are too close

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On our X1 Carbon with AMS the closest to Cura I can get is

  1. import the models (exported from same point of origin - same as Cura requires)
  2. confirm ‘Yes’ load as a single object with multiple parts
  3. from the objects pane on the left menu right click on a model and pick ‘change filament’ in the sub-menu
  4. choose the material colour