New PLA Galaxy Filament not Recognized

Just had the new PLA Galaxy filament delivered today. Loaded it up in the AMS, several attempts to get it recognized, the AMS will not pick it up. Printer and Bambu Studio are both up to date.

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Someone else posted the same thing last week.

^ that isn’t me, but having the same issue…

I also filed a support ticket (today)
and have a thread in the discord.

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Yeah it’s still not working and I’m assuming at this point they HAD an update for the printer firmware that’s been delayed for some reason. With the PETG Translucent the same thing happened only they had a firmware update for it the next day.)

There is a partial workaround if you have an X1 and you’re trying to calibrate the material, or even a P1P/S and you just want to print with it.

  • Use Bambu Basic PLA settings (identical to Galaxy PLA)
  • X1 users can calibrate using the Basic PLA and save as “Galaxy COLOR”
  • as long as you don’t change any spools in the AMS, it will act like any non-Bambu filament

When changing a spool, the Galaxy filament may revert back to a blank profile because the AMS tries to read the RFID tag but can’t because it has no concept of the filament, so it resets the selected filament color, profile, and k factor back to nothing.

The printer itself manages and holds the filament profiles (at least for the X1) and it requires a firmware update before it could recognize the filament. Not sure why they decided to do this, because it causes a huge issue if you ever need to factory reset your X1C because all the calibrated filament profilest are stored on the printer. (Dozens of hours spent calibrating over 70 filaments completely wasted because the printer experienced an issue and had to be factory reset.)

odd, showed up for me with no issues.
Screenshot 2024-03-14 185832

I checked and it works fine in my P1S.
Shows up correctly , has a print profile and all.
Either the RF ID tags changed or your machine / software has a hickup.

After some more testing, i was able to get it to read in slot 4. I’m going to test it in slot 1 and 3. It might be that the tag on the right side of the spool is defective or didn’t get written to properly.

I am still having this problem. Does not matter the slot or a different AMS altogether.

I turned the printer off for a while to swap nozzles the other day and when it came back on it recognizes all 3 spools of Galaxy PLA. :person_shrugging: