NFC / RFID reading not working


my NFC / RFID is not working. Or to be fair, only in 1 out of 10 changes. But it is not dependent of the filament or the roll. And not from the position 1-4. Or From its distance to the 2 NFC Readers.

Now and then its working … what can I do or check to improve this situation?


P.S. Of Course i am talking about Bambu RFID abled filaments.

Whenever I have a spool that won’t read I just unplug the AMS and plug it back in and 99% of the time it will read it after the reboot. Maybe someone else has a different method but this has been easy enough for me and almost always works.

super, that worked, thank you!

Have the same issue. Reboot of AMS solves it. Thanks for letting us know.

i have this same issue with the ams lite.

you mean to unplug the ams when the printer is turned on or off?

what i do is:
i turn the printer off and unplug the ams then i turn it on without the ams
then off again
then i plug the ams and turn on the printer
it doesn’t fix the issue :cry: the feeder indicator keeps blinking