P1P rattle, vibration?

I got this p1p on Friday and I have this weird rattle noise and it’s driving me up the wall. This is the only machine that does it.
I have tried:
Cleaned carbon rods
Did a belt tension
Can move the hotend around and no noise. When it homes you can hear it when it hits the corner and poop chute. Sounds like it’s coming from somewhere in the extruder housing and I am hoping I don’t have an off bearing. Any help appreciated

Video Here


My 2 week old P1P has a similar sort of noise. It is somewhere in the hot end assembly.

I’m going to take mine apart tomorrow as BL said it was normal :roll_eyes: - I have 2 and the first one does not do it. It sounds like the infill on that print may be exacerbating that issue, try gyroid at a low percentage like 10% and see if it helps.

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The one thing that rattles in mine is the poop chute arm in the back.

Seem to have pinpointed my issue to the yellow extruder wheel vibrating like mad when the printer is doing its initialization. Bambu have said they will send me a new one but want some diagnostic work done first.

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Bambu suspects it’s my housing, they are sending out a new one for me. Good to know about the gear though, when I pull the hotend apart, I will check it out!

something new to report?

my printer sounds like this: rattling noise P1S

Bambu sent me a new front cover and the rattling stopped. Comparing the old one to the new one, there was a lot of play with the fan at the front. You wouldn’t have picked up on it without the side by side comparison.

i had to check my part cooling fan screws. I was able to tighten them by a quarter of turn and my rattling noise is now gone :sweat_smile:


Owner of a P1S for 1or 2 weeks now.
Having the same issue, after 3 day’s of printing some ?resonating? sound appears that is louder then the print sound itself…!

Have opened a ticket with BL, provided some video of the sound.
First they said it sounded like the belt is rubbing along a pulley.
They suggested re-tension the belts, this was not the solution unfortunately.
After submitting a new video, and explaining it more, BL says and i quote :stuck_out_tongue: : “Please note that the printer is fast, not quiet” so that kinda sounds like a dead end…

Have ordered some sewing machine oil, gave every pulley a drop of oil, i could feel that the gantry runned smoother but when the printing start, still a lot of noise is emitted…

It sounds like the noise is coming from the print head itself.
Since the printer sounds normal when it’s preparing to print, and zooming around the printer…
All the screws on the outside of the print head are tight, and at first glance the iniside is neat and thighty…
Guess i have to dive deeper in the print head :frowning:

I would have quest that more sound will be produced, since the printer is fast and shaking a lot around. BUT not this early in my purchase :frowning:

I was thinking of getting a refund, but after searching the forum here i notice quite some people with this issue…

I’m having the same issue on my p1s. @echomck did they say what in the front cover is causing this issue?

I’m not sure, all the screws are secure. Comparing the two there was some play with the fan in the middle. But nothing else I could really see that would rattle.

In my case, the rattle was made by the filament cutter due to the large gaps of the hinge. I spring-loaded the hinge with sticky foam tape.


Once I got the replacement front cover, all rattling disappeared. I honestly didn’t think it was the front cover of the housing when they suggested it, but it worked :rofl:

On my X1C, rattle was caused by the bowden connector pusher/slider being too loose.

Hi, I thing that it is the true reason too.
I hope that Bambu will react to this …

I reset filament speed at some point and the 60-90mm/s filament was printing at 300. It produced a vibration/hum on long strenches, left rippled, rough feeling sections like filament tearing as it was laid.
Tore apart the entire dam machine and then realized what it was after checking the filament properties for something else :expressionless:

That solved my problem with rattling sounds too. Thanks a lot!

im having the same kind of noise… started a couple weeks ago, been in contact with BL, and there asking to grease this that and the other… what was everybodys fixes in the end?? its drivng me crazy.
Also could some one tell me how to share a video on this forum? please

Results may vary :slight_smile:

I have a P1S and a X1C. My P1S had a rattle during printing that was louder than the machine itself. After hours of watching and listening to the printer running, I was sure it was from the print head. Since I had a X1C right next to it, I decided to try a few things.

Removing the AMS and top cover from my P1S, I placed the print head in various spots and plucked the belts strings like a guitar string. I compared the sound to that of my X1C. There was a clear vibration on the P1S for sure…no doubt.

The sound was coming from the from print head magnetic cover of the P1S.

I removed the fan and tightened every screw in the cover. All screws were a little loose. For extra measure. I added small orings to the fan screws (prob not necessary) and I am please to report a silent running machine.

FIXED! for me at least. Wish you all the best of luck. I’m sure there are other issues.

EDIT: Would we best to run a full calibration after the fix as the reduced vibrations may improve input shaping.


Some problem here. Has been getting worse every day. Finally decided it’s time to look in to it. It does sound like it’s in the print head. I’m going to try the things others have done above and report back.

Following is the sound I have. I wouldn’t blame you if you think it’s the nozzle hitting the part but it’s not. It’s just louder when the head is jerking around. You can also hear it when it jerks on the corners of the boxes.

I can’t post links but this is the non-linked video: