Panda Revo - what a bunch of

Received my Panda Revo and BIQU didn’t drill one of the holes on the heat sink to size. The screw doesn’t go through…

So much for plug and play…

So better think twice before making a purchase.

Ordered by Release Day. No Problems here. All Good. Easy to install. P1S

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Well, good for you. But for the asking price I’d still expect them to be able to make two holes with the right diameter and not having to re-drill myself.

At least it prints well…

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Have you contacted BIQU about the issue?

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Yes, I did. I’ll follow up when I get a response.

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From where did you buy it, exactly?

Do you have a picture of it?

From BIQU directly.

Unfortunately not. I drilled the hole to size and mounted the hotend.

But there wasn’t much to see anyway. Two holes, one was too small for the screw.
I tried screws from a spare hotend as well, just to make sure.

Thanks for your reply. I guess they like your IP address better than mine, because when I look there, it says it’s on pre-order. :roll_eyes: I took this screen-scrape just now:

Or maybe for them “pre-order” means out-of-stock?

By the way, aside from the poorly drilled holes, was it truly a “drop in replacement” like BIQU claims? Or did you have to get messy with thermal paste like the BBL-E3D obsidian version has you do? Looks like a complete package, the way I would have expected the BBL-E3D package to have been.

I did (pre)order on January 21, 2024. So there’s probably quite a lot of demand and they are out of stock again.

If it wasn’t for the holes it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to mount it.
The only things you need are a spare fan (or re-use the fan from your old hotend) and a 2mm hex key.

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@NeverDie here’s a video of the assembly process if you’re interested.

Just make sure to mount the fan with the cable facing up and not like shown in their video…


Thanks for that. I had to laugh when I saw they had covered their X1 with leather/pleather. :rofl: Makes me wonder whether it was just for the looks or whether it was for chamber insulation.

It did get me wondering though: are you getting the 35-40mm^3 of flow that they confidently say you can expect to get? If so, then together with the easy nozzle changes, this sounds like a pretty compelling upgrade. And I say that as someone who got sick of doing having to do upgrades on other printers and had resolved to stay as stock as possible on this one. :man_facepalming: But as it relates to this, it would be a want to do rather than a have to do. High payoff for just a few minutes of time invested.

I haven’t tested flow rates yet, but according to @masc2279 they seem to be accurate: Revo's for Bambu X1 Carbon - #18 by masc2279

That’s pretty much what I was thinking when ordering one. I’m just too lazy to change the stock hotend and I like the options Revo gives you.

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While looking into the Revo, I just now noticed that BIQU also sell these:

to possibly go along with it. But that’s all I know. As I only just learned of it, I can’t say whether it’s an improvement or a downgrade. Just passing along the info. Maybe somebody here has already checked it out and can comment.

Up to now I was doubtful, but now I’m sold. I’m going to order one, and it gets here when it gets here, whether it’s June or whenever. I’d like to quickly change nozzle sizes based on the need, and I just don’t see myself doing it unless it is dead simple easy to do in the middle of the night when I’m half asleep. From what I gather, this meets that requirement. The extra flow-rate is a nice cherry on top.

Thanks for your postings! Much appreciated. :grinning:

Yeah that is weird because the piece is cast. I wouldn’t mind betting they come from the same factory as the other ones and are just drilled through the middle differently.
Mine fitted well anyway. I did fit mine as described in the video because it was the only way I could see it working, as the wires are much longer than the OEM ones.

Interesting, thanks for pointing out.

did you have to get messy with thermal paste like the BBL-E3D obsidian version has you do?

It was my first time assembling a bbl hotend (e3d 0.4mm) and it took me under 5 min to do it successfully at the first go. All you need is high temp thermal paste from bbl, q-tips and like 10 min of your time tops. Very easy to install but still a shame we have to get thermistor & heater for its high-end price.

Apparently if you buy the panda jet as a combo with the pan revo, then BTT drops the jet price to something like $11.

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I’ve always wondered why the Bambu Fan duct is made the way it is, why are the slits offset to one another? It is certainly to create a vortex aound the tip but few of the aftermarket fan duct replicate this design except BenQC which has tried to increase that. Most are all symetrical like the BTT one is and given the amount of engineering bambu has put in its printers, if the fan duct is like that that’s for a reason so wondering if these aftermarket ones are just for show and no go despites the claims. Also, just by looking at it, I think the cumulative duct area is more than bambu lab’s giving a smaller exit pressure and airspeed if keeping with the same fan, again is this an improvement?

As far as the nozzle is concerned, this is stainless and brass only right? So for CF, wood filament or other abrasive ones you will need to invest in the E3D Obxidian or E3D abrasive nozzle in addition, strange that BTT is not offering different options.

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