Poop not going down chute and getting stuck next to Z axis screw

I occasionally get the poop not going down the shoot and going on top of the bed or below the bed next to the rear Z-axis screw causing an error (and horrible sound) as the bed can’t go all the way down. Has anyone had the problem and found a solution for this?

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I had this happen one time. I been checking sense for this issue it seems to as I have printed with printer more and more to seem to be more often going down the poop shoot. So I am wonder if maybe a new tool if the filament sticks to it a little more then broken end?

If you just got the printer I would try get 20+ hours in on it and see if it gets a bit better.

I currently have roughly 150+ hours.

I suggest you watch the printer start cycle and make sure the poop and wipe cycle looks like all the parts are working correctly.

I have the same issue on my P1P and it has caused the bed to jam on 2 occasions. Seems the flap in the chute gets stuck sometimes, not sure if removing it altogether would help.

Have you altered the amount of poop that gets extruded? If it’s too small it won’t be heavy enough to drop down the chute like it should.

I just had the issue after alot of prints where filament just wanted to after cleaning wanted to stick again to the nozzle. So I did it old school heating the tool to 220c got a paper towel and wiped the nozzle good. Started the print over and filament now falling off easy again off the nozzle. I think over time it just gets residue on nozzle that is making it stick to it to much.


I just had exactly the same thing happen on my P1P too, first time after about 10 hrs of printing. I got an Z axis error message and it took me a little while to figure out what had happened and spot the filament poop down the bottom on the rear z-axis.
Just fyi, my poop amount was set to standard settings, so I dont think its a case of it being too lite.
Will watch future print starts more carefully and see if I can spot why it might happen…

same problem here on my new x1c…
Any suggestions to solve this?
I use bambulab pla and standard settings.
Thank you!

Well… there doesn’t be any activity on this thread and this started happening to me more often than I’d like. I have replaced the roller bar but it didn’t change anything. Randomly during initial purge, the wipe fails to detach the poop and it yanks it out of the shoot and flings it elsewhere.

Did anyone find a remedy to this?

I found this worked pretty good.


Hello, I had exactly the same problems with my new P1S. I was able to solve the problem by customising the Gcode. The filament is extruded into the container at 250 degrees. Then the temperature drops to 220 degrees. The nozzle is then lowered by another 20 degrees and then cleaned at 200 degrees. This temperature seemed too low to me and I only lowered the nozzle by another 5 degrees to 215 degrees for cleaning. Since then, I no longer have any problems. In the Gcode comes relatively at the beginning a place that sits in brackets with the description to lower the nozzle temperature by-20 degrees. Here, change the value behind the minus to -5. This should solve the problem.

M109 S250 ;set nozzle to common flush temp
M106 P1 S0
G92 E0
G1 E50 F200
M104 S[nozzle_temperature_initial_layer]
G92 E0
G1 E50 F200
M106 P1 S255
G92 E0
G1 E5 F300
M109 S{nozzle_temperature_initial_layer[initial_extruder]-5} ; drop nozzle temp, make filament shink a bit
G92 E0
G1 E-0.5 F300

In this section is the point where you have to change the temperature. The -5 were default to -20.