Printing TPU 85A on A1

Hello, did you tried to print TPU 85A on A1 ?
I bought Wanaho TPU 85A filament . I tried Generic TPU and Bambu TPU 95A profiles and it is not working , filament are not extruded well …
Thanks for your help .

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Hello, you have to reduce the speed to 50mm/s, then it works.

Thanks for yor answer , I m a beginner in Bambu Studio , which speed parameter you recommend to put at 50 mm/s ?

with the original extruder, i was not able to do it! I have made this change!
You don’t have to change the speed only the max volumetric speed to 2mms

For me to be able to print soft TPU I have modeled this hack

Hi @ricaxe , I’ve improved considerably the quality of my tpu prints thanks to your recommendations. But I continue having problems when I have to print short perimeters.

I don’t know if is an acceleration problem, speed, temperature…

But I’ve printed more than 30 pieces ( the same ) with the 95A TPU and all are failed. ( I attached a picture )

In the last picture you can see a success piece printed with the ender S1 ( top ) and the not success with the A1 mini

Thanks !

95 shore A should print in stock extruder! hum…

I think that is a problem with the factor K on the AMS side

what is your value =?

Hi again, thanks for your reply… 0,000. Las night I changed the value to 0.020 like your screenshot , but not solved. Still printing bad.

Here you have the result :

You need far more than 0.02 for 85A TPU, you need to do a pressure advance calibration. You’re probably going to be 10-15 times higher than that.

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I was showing the place! you should use something in the realm of the .05 to 0.1
an you share the 3mf file ?

Any advice with TPU 93A? I’m trying to 3D print a Benchy, and it’s proving to be impossible.

First! don’t use AMS
second change your current profile!

But do me a favour and try this 3mf file! and post pictures!

Some pictures of the results (no AMS)… :sweat_smile:
Your sliced file:

Flow ratio lines:

Temperatures displayed in the print screen:

Result at the 18th layer:

The details of the filament used.

Afterward, when trying to remove the TPU filament and reload PLA filament, a jam occurred while inserting the new filament

sometimes they make a bad measure of shore hardness. do the foluing !
Take out the TPU, and load some pla, ou PETG.
Print these hack
A1 - Hack - to print TPU Filaflex 70ShoreA and Pulltruded PET by 3dEnvangelist - MakerWorld

With that you should print 70shoreA
I can !

Do it if you have some handling habilities! carful with the spring! and with the flat cable of the sensor! you will need a hammer
where are you from ? I am curious !

I am from Spain, more precisely from the province of Burgos, although I currently reside in the Canary Islands. You are from Portugal, right? Very nice, friendly and beautifull country.
I might try your hack. I don’t fully understand how it works, but I had seen it before, and it looks promising. Do you think it could be an overpressure issue in the extruder? I tried loosening the pressure screw, but the results are the same. I’ve also considered humidity; where I live, there’s usually around 60% humidity in the air, but the first test I did was immediately after taking the filament out of the package. Can humidity affect TPU like that?

nop I think that is not griping like it should ! but with my experience, the 90shorea should print with stock! with the stock don’t free the screw because you need all the force that can use, with my hack you should lose like 1mm or so!
Yes, I am from Portugal ! :smiley:

Okay, I understand your hack. The issue you observed is that the minimum gap between the two wheels of the extruder is too large. It seems like the two wheels are not close enough to effectively grip finer-than-normal diameter filaments or softer filaments. You are redesigning the lever to bring the wheels closer together.

And marked in red in the following pictures are the areas that you have reduced to bring the wheels closer together.

This deserves a ticket to Bambu Lab’s technical support.

I have seen other fabricators do the same thing! I think it is a feature but I don’t know what exactly! But with the hack, you are good to print tpu’s no problem! but by all means, open the ticket! Can I use your pictures to show the problem in my wiki ?

Sure, of course. Use my pictures. Just make sure they don’t have compromising metadata. :sweat_smile:

HI! I improve a lot the print of other items, but the item I’ve shown still printing bad… I’m going to share the 3mf later, now I’m out.

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