Quick Help Needed - P1P how to display device QR Code

I am remote to the P1P Printer, but are connected using VPN, I can see all devices on the remote network no problem at all, and can also ping the P1P

Unfortunately the person who is standing in front of the printer is not very ‘Tech Savvy’ and I have to tell them every step to take, and I have a X1 Carbon and my display / menu is different.

Can someone tell me how to display the device’s QR Code on the printer’s display using the latest firmware, so that they can take a photo and send it to me.

Thanks in advance


I am in the same boat. I deleted my printer for the Studio on the PC to see if I could re add it to get the camera working, and now I cant find it. I am in the middle of a long print from SD card so I will have to wait. I wonder if the only solution is to Factory Reset the device?

I was able add it via bluetooth. On my phone I used Bluetooth to discover and add the printer. I could then bind it in the app while I had my account logged in. . This got the camera working in the app too which I was having an issue with. Once that was done I restarted the PC app and it was there again

I was able to get the person to use the Handy App to re-discover and add it again, but being 10,000km away makes things a little more difficult.

The VPN (wireguard) connection is flawless, I can access all devices on the remote network including a few raspberry PIs, but I simply cannot see the camera.

I suspect the QR Code contains the Serial Number and maybe the handy app name, would be useful if someone could decode theirs and then if necessary we could reconstruct ours without a factory reset.

Is there a way to show the QR from the LCD display?

This question was never answered. How do you display the qr code on the device display for heaven sake? Why isn’t it intuitive and straightforward? What’s the point of all this incoherence?


To show the qr code on the screen, you must do the same thing youd done when you first received the printer. That would be to log in on your printer.

Simply sign out of your account via the Display, and a QR code will present itself to link with your handy app and log you in.

Afterwards, you must log out and back in to your studio account to relink it.

Easy peasy. Its in the manual you threw out.

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Wow, THAT needs fixed!

I have 2 computers that are connected correctly to the printer, and I used to have my phone connected.

Then, I made the well, mistake (except it was mandatory!), of downloading the new version of the phone app. It logged me out!!! (SERIOUSLY??)

Well, no problem, I logged back in… Now, both my Mac and Windows Computers are still connected to the printer, but my phone is not.

No, problem, I’m on the same WiFi network, I’ll just add the printer back - even though, (duh) it is already connected to that account, so logging in SHOULD just connect it…

Nope… It can’t see it, I’m currently guessing because it says that I have to connect over 2.4 Ghz WiFi - however, the access point I have automatically does both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, and the phone auto-selects the best one, which is 5 Ghz I expect - I have NO control over this, both devices do this by themselves. And if that is really the issue, than there is Fix #1, get with the 2020’s and support 5Ghz (2016?)

Ok, so, it deleted it and it won’t let me add it back… About made me want to smash it with a sledgehammer, but what it has instead is made the app garbage to me…

You say, No problem, just logout of the printer (which is currently printing a 6 hour print job that I want to monitor on both the phone and the 2 computers… I’m sure that won’t cause any problems… Right? Yeah, OK, so your suggestion is to not monitor this job on the phone, logout during the next one, and then hope that the two computers don’t get disconnected… I use them WAY more to connect to the printer than I do with the phone, so if I’m going to have something screwed up, it won’t be those… so hard pass on that…

Deleting the app instead… Ok, well, I’ll try the Bluetooth idea before I delete the app…

Well, now that its been over 6 hours im sure you wont have trouble following the very simple procedure. With your patience i dont think 3d printing is for you if you cant handle waiting, i did btot appreciate the attitude. Simply follow the instructions, the same way youd connect to the printer out of the box.

I simply provided a solution to those who’ve had this issue, if youd like to be thankless as you are, please take up your issues with the wall your printer is plugged into. If you dont want to fix the problem, you can simply in plug the printer, box it up and send it back to bambu so it may be provided to someone else who can handle the time and patience involved in printing.

Additionally, what your phone is connected to has nothing to do with it and 2.4 ghz is the most reliable bandwidth for its purpose.your devices will pick up and use that signal whether your on 5g or not.

Not a single issue you’re having is to do with the printer or the app. It is by design, the update includes a lot of security changes so its obvious that it is mandatory and will log you out. In stead every issue leads back to your refusal to log out on the printer and scan the QR code again. Which will take not but 2 minutes. Then simply reconnecting your computers. 5 mins top for both. How dare bambu ruin you whole life, the gall they have to take 7 precious minutes of your day.

Why dont you program the app yourself and manage all the security. Hell, redesign the printer and manage all the factories and order all the parts. You obviously know more than they do.

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Well, part one of the problem was solved… I sold the P1S that I had purchased. However, to resolve the other issue, I tried logging out of the X1C, per your simple solution. (Sorry for coming off gruff btw), and it worked exactly as expected. I now have 2 machines that are not logged into the same account, apparently there is an account User_2384832478923 (or whatever random number) that the printer was originally logged into (and the app was before I ‘upgraded’ it), and the account that I logged into the forum in (where all my support tickets are)… Apparently, they are different accounts…

So… My two other machines are no longer able to see the printer and print to it, I assume the solution is to login using google on the phone (which will disconnect me from the support tickets I had in the past, but that is OK, they are mostly closed)

Not sure exactly how I ended up with two accounts in the first place… I was a bit concerned that I might end up in this situation if I logged out… But, hey, there is only a small chance that could happen.

I just need to figure out how to merge the accounts… One has my support stuff and forum, and the other has the last 870 hours of printing data, however, I’m not sure if there is anything saved there that matters (I’d hope not)… In any event, I now have one of the machines connected again… two to go.

It seems like this could be done easier, say ‘click on X menu item and bring up the info’, but maybe the primary issue is that when I upgraded the app it logged me out, and when I logged back in, it was on the support account not the auto-created on that I was never able to figure out how to configure, so it stayed ‘user_xxxxx’… Don’t know… in any event, the printer is now on the other account so I need to switch over the other two machines to that account…

I didn’t realize that somehow I had gotten two accounts created, and that would explain why it didn’t show up the account in the other one. Of course, had I just stayed logged in when I upgraded the app (say, if the app had stored the login info in the storage that is provided under the app configuration on the iPhone), then I’d never have seen the issue…

Hopefully, there isn’t anything critical stored in the account, and when I switch over the other two accounts nothing will be changed, and the ‘sync’ will sync out from those machines and not just wipe everything locally out…

Sigh, in any event, sorry about the tone…

Oh, and I wasn’t referring to 5G (a Cellular network config), but 5 Ghz WiFi spped when I said 5 Ghz. My WiFi is auto-switched between 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz WiFi, and the device will auto-switch between them. It doesn’t ask me on my iPhone which I want to use (you can configure a router to split them so you have a SSID for 2.4 Ghz and another one for 5 Ghz, but my router is not so configured, that way I just use the single SSID which is my network name I want to connect to. So, my phone always connects at 5 Ghz to the WIFI (nothing to do with the Cellular 5G network). And I’m not even sure how you can only support 2.4 Ghz, but to be fair, It has been a while since I did any native iPhone programming of socket level communication, and the last time I did 2.4 Ghz was the max that existed.)

PS: I was able to logout during a print, and not mess things up too much, but I was printing from a file it saved internally so it wasn’t being downloaded from the cloud. So don’t know if that would have been an issue during the other print or not.

@Crankshaft and @dylanbeaudry – Guys, your comments here have made it to the top result of google search. Y’all don’t come off well and the solutions you present still don’t work in 2024. It may be time to edit your comments.

I would add to the conversation that when your QR code fails to show up, you can use bluetooth to reconnect the printer from the mobile app. Once connected to the cloud account, it should sync onto any other desktop apps you are running.

@dylanbeaudry this is not true as of the date of my post.

As of your accusation, i have again reproduced the same results after unpairing my device following the previously described problem and procedure, ive successfully reconnected again and ready to print.

Im unsure what you mean by “not true” as i have now done the same procedure more than several times over at this point. I would call that tested and true for my case, and in the same sense ive helped my local microcenter, uncle, and some members of a discord server involving some group projects all solve this issue. Before.

The reason it might not “come off well” is because people like you will come by and refute it simply because it hadn’t worked for you, dont come at me for that. I dont control the click-through-rate and hotphrases that drew this to the top. If this solution is not working for you, you’re misunderstanding the process, have an unrelated but similar problem, or like mentioned previously, this is for the touchscreen and not the p1p or similar newer releases.
Like the other person, consult your manual if it has not been thrown away, following the setup procedure as if it were fresh out of the box.

If you have a problem that this post hadn’t solved, or just have a problem with this post, take it up with the staff and service pros. If you hadn’t done so in the first place thats your issue, always consult a professional before you consult a forum. Id also reccommend taking an Internet literacy course as well, and i dont mean disrespect by that. They can help folk understand the order of operations when collecting data online and where to go first. Instead of jumping straight to “this random guy i never met said this and it didn’t work so he’s wrong”. If this thread is as popular as you say it is, the it’d have gotten the attention of forum staff before, and if the provided solutions were irrefutably false then the post and my account would long have been forcibly removed or moderated, or updated with addendum.

Please be mindful of how accusations like this can affect a thread negatively, instead please work to provide more solutions like the second half of your first post. which to the contrary of your direct reply, is actually helpful and may provide alternative solutions to the community at large. according to your account, you are new and this is the first post you viewed. i hope that instead of using Google to find this page directly, you use the forum itself and your newly made account to post your problem or search for answers to it. That is what these sites are here for. Have a good day, and happy printing.

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Hey all good mate, and sorry likewise. Im glad you got to the root of the issue and that my post was still of some use. I picked up on the 5g being wifi as well, my router similarly provides multiple 2g and 5g connections.

In my case i hadn’t experienced any problems with having devices on seperate bandwidths so far. I could be a difference in setup or providers like you said. My WiFi is provided via fiber optic, i to a box and the into a Netgear nighthawk router. Appliances, printers and smart home stuff that aren’t demanding but always on ive connected to the 2g bandwidth while devices like my phone, TV’s, and computers get connected to the 5g bandwidth. You seem like you have a background in that field and know more about it than i would though. My knowledge drops off after pretty surface level config stuff i picked up from making boneyard Thinkpad server stacks with some friends in highschool.

Also i know all too well how annoying multiple accounts for things can be especially if the interface doesn’t easily account for that. While i hadnt experienced making another bambu account, i have made far too many Microsoft and Gmail accounts in my day, all of which are haphazardly bound to each other and apps, games, social media and subscriptions. Making any day to day management a variable maze that more often than not requires a professional to help with, i find myself often considering deleting everything and starting over, but then i remember one of those Gmails belong to the college i attended and i cant touch that…

Anyway, hope you figured out that complicated stuff