Revo's for Bambu X1 Carbon

If anyone is wondering the Revo’s for Bambu X1 Carbon are perfect fit no mods needed and work great with one issue. The really tiny and really large Revo Nozzles are not in the Bambu Firmware yet so you get the Nozzle does not match error when printing with special sizes. But standard sizes this thing flyes with such a larger flow rate.

Very impressive.

Select the high flow tab to see the flow rates this thing is pushing.


have you done the orca flow calibration? (to find out if the table is just advertising)

can’t find the nozzle on the page, under which tabs/menu items is this kit located?

So i am using the settings on the table that they advertise and have not had any issues on the test and prints i have done so far. The page lists the nozzle flow is what i was calling out. The Revo is the same in the Bambu Panda. Also The revo uses a 60W heater core vs stock Bambu 40W it heats up quicker as well.

This weekend when i have more time will run the test and report back

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And again the kit does not matter its the nozzle accross any machine. To me it looks like they low balled the values as of right now since thats the settings i set up in Bambu Studio and it works great. Will know more this weekend.

Those flow rates look a little suspect. Never seen PLA the can’t keep up with PETG in flow, and their PETG flows are significantly faster than the PLA (30% advantage with PETG seems laughable).

However it could be as simple as the labels being flip flopped. PLA flowing 30% better than PETG does make sense.

Either way, I’d run my own tests before starting any print longer than an hour. Its super simple to download Orca Slicer and run the max flow test.

i print 90% in PETG and then nylon which speed is not a thing but the PETG is flowing with those settings with no issues and the speed tab is clearly showing a giant jump in speed on the parts i print. I currently have printed using both in 0.4 and 0.6 nozzle.

Plus i am a Revo Fan Boy its on all 12 of my printers and the collection keeps growing and have not a single issue with Revo nozzles but thats my experience.

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I don’t think the nozzles are bad… just their numbers on that document. Someone with the 0.6 nozzle using the numbers on that page may find PLA now prints slower than it does with the stock 0.4 nozzle and BBL profile, and may have issues printing PETG cleanly. But I’m not here to convince anyone of anything, just giving people a heads up that something is a little off there.

Could be i need to see if i have any extra rolls of PLA and i can run the test on that as well. I only use PLA as a support interface from time to time so not sure i have much in stock

Quoted from the firmware bug reporting thread, but I didn’t want to pollute it with OT.

1.40 mm LOL. Using normal Bambu sizes, a standard profile would have a layer height of 0.70 mm and a line width of 1.42 mm. No matter how powerful the heater is, the printer’s maximum E of 30 mm/s (72 mm³/s) would limit line speed to 81 mm/s.

Do you know the nozzle flat size for it? No matter what it is, you can have a line width of at least 3 mm… printing in vase mode with that must be terrific ASMR. It would be limited to 36 mm/s tops, probably lower.

E3D ripped off a good hotend then make it junk. Ran a micro and a 6 for some test on a MK3 and the next day the mosquito was back in it and those hotends were on Facebook marketplace for $30. Was really hoping for something close to the raptor.

Does anyone know the specs on the board I would be worried going from a 40w heater to a 60w heater unless I knew the specs.

Well it is a partnership that was signed off so clearly there is no issue. They would have required the 40W revo heater if there was an issue but allowed the 60W and signed off on it

It’s fine It’s only going to heat up so much it’s software control.

That wattage is just the maximum output that it can do.

You do have a point, still would like to know the specs for the board though.

Ordered one for good measure :joy:

@masc2279 is it the same height as the original hotend or did you have to modify the nozzle wiper?

Completely stock use no mods needed

The only thing i chaned since installing it is running temp towers and Max flow rate tests and i set these now i only mainly print in PETG so only ran test for PETG.

Added 10 deg to PETG Settings. - Bambu Had Set 255 i moved it to 265

0.4HF recomended flow 24 i got and set 26
0.6HF recomended flow 31 i got and set 35
0.8HF recomneded flow 38 I got and set 39

So the flows on the Revo Page for High flow were spot on and for me a but conservative bit, that might be becouse of the added temp.

Thanks. I mainly use Prusament when printing PETG and figured I’ll have to do some calibration prints for the filaments I use.

How did you get the hotend so early anyway? Mine’s on backorder till (late) March or something like that.

I had a friend who told me when it was going live on the site for ordering and i was one of the get my orders in. Granted mine had a Delivery of Jan 2nd but it was a week and a half later when it arived.