Shipping Update

" and get an answer within a view hours." sounds great

regarding the other stuff, yes they have said a few things, but there are inconsistencies since users have been reporting a later order but fast delivery (also X1CC) and others are waiting since weeks. There could be more regular updates (like once a week or so) to keep the crowd patient and quiet.

Okay. I couldn’t say something about that. For me the table on top of the thread shows a really good overview about the current situation. Weird, if some late orders are handled earlier.

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Still nothing from Bambulabs on my order, people ordered after me and already got the printer. Sent already 3 times an E-Mail and have to read the same s… every time even when linking to the Facebook group and particular posts of the people who got their printer crickets. I am short of canceling the pre-order. I have gotten a Mail where someone stated he/she will come back to me, this was 4 days ago, and nothing so far which is even more disappointing. If I tell a customer I will reach out to him, I do it in a timely fashion, sure I paid only the pre-order atm. but I am still a customer and still waiting to spend more money.

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it depends what printer you ordered
the X1 and X1C with out the AMS is faster then with the AMS
so i guess you got the X1C + AMS combo

It seems, some customers in Germany already received their combo, although ordered in October, read here Versand nach Deutschland? - #6 by minimaxer
Strange and dissappointing for preorders in August or, like me, early September.

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i guess logistics is still a mess or the system they use to track pre orders
it also depends from location to location
for example, i am from Belgium and got my email 2 days ago
the shipping to me takes up to 8 days and if i do multiple orders over a couple of days i get them all delivered at the same day … even when there was 3 days between them ( tracking shows different received dates, but same delivery date )
above is a example of normal orders on there store , not the pre orders xD

so only thing i could suggest is to wait and sit back and relax and just wait , at some point you will get it
ofcourse it is not fun that others get it faster then you, but it is not something that can be easy fixed as it involved to many third party’s

And what are you saying about this topic Versand nach Deutschland?.

Just in case i translate that part for you:



So I pre-ordered on 10/28/22, paid in full on 11/1/22 and today on 11/2/22 it was delivered :grinning: :grinning:

and this is not an one-off case


I can confirm that. I have on 26.10. ordered by pre-order, on 31.10. paid quickly and today I received it in Austria(!!). :smiley:

Things like that should not be happening at all before not all pre-order customers got the machines at home. Or that people got 10 or more machines pre-ordered which keeps others from getting one.

Things like that make me feel anger in myself cooking over. It is a shame that this is happening and with every single post like this it disappoints even more. I am really a fan of this printer but with all that happening I am in doubt if it was the right choice.


And even if they would have a Stock + of the machines without the AMS they could handle it differently. Since they sell AMS separately in EU and they where in stock.

1st. Get all older pre-orders out - if Combos are pre-ordered - send 2 packages to the same price and get this order from the table
2nd serve the pre-orders which came after them.

There is no excuse or explanation for sending pre-orders that came later to get served first.

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there were some problems before with emails
but yea, got no idea how they manage the pre orders or how they do the things
also i am already happy that i got the printer and that it get delivered
but i really do not care if i am first or last as long i get the printer :smiley:

it is a other story ofcourse when my printers would be out of order when some one that orders 2 month later after me get there printer instead when mine is still out of order … but as long that is not the case i really do not care much about it
i am just happy for those others who got it faster then and it shows that there are still flaws in the system
and as long mine does not stay behind for a few weeks after those “later” pre orders then its still good for me

The part you suggest makes things even more complicated , a company need to make money and it is unlikely they will wait until everything is 100% delivered as then the company would need to shut down production when waiting on the “late” orders

as i also noticed before wiht the KS campaign , the X1C and the X1C combo are 2 differend pacakges , they do not remove or inlcude a AMS , thats just how it is pacakged
so sending 2 pacakges for the price of 1 is not a option ( technically it is always a option )
it would make statistics more complicated

edit: i do not say that i agree with it, just that i personal do not care that much about it of how it goes as long it stays kinda fair

I get your point.

But I work in a CS Department of a company and know, how we handle when stuff is happening. And stuff is always happening everywhere. But

1st not informing the potential Customer about any issues is wrong and at the moment I am a potential Customer since I have only pre-ordered. Customers are more often more understanding when the communication is open and leads to a resolution of any issue even when the Customer would have to wait a bit until the solution of the case.

The above-mentioned post shows a Combo same as I pre-ordered. So even when there was an issue with emails, this does not explain the silence from the side of Bambulabs and why others got served 1st.

Sure companies want to make money but a burned customer has two negative sides at once. He probably will not ever buy in the future even if the product is the best at the market and mouth-to-mouth propaganda and advertisement is a mighty sword. Do you think I would speak in high regard of this experience? I guess not.

Atm, there is no solution, no explanation coming from Bambu and every post like the mentioned one is another stabbing to a potential customer.

This is the 1st product released from them and a lot of people give them the benefit of the doubt but if this is not earned they can lose all these benefits faster as you can imagine. The 3D Printing community is not really big and experiences like this travel fast.

I placed my final payment the same day as you. I got given a tracking number from DPD, but they have not been given the package yet. Did you get yours via a logistics company called 4PX? Did you get the X1 or the bundle? They literally said it would be delivered Monday, and here we are on Thursday without it being collected yet.

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In reply to the top post this is not quite true for UK, I paid the full amount over a week ago and the printer has not moved from the warehouse. Emails to and from Bambu Labs have them blaming the courier and telephone calls with the courier DPD has resulted in being told they have not received the printer yet and to contact Bambu Labs!!! Getting bounced to and fro between them both ( DPD & Bambu Lab ) and my level of “understanding” is dwindling fast, I am coming very close to cancelling.
If the Printer alone are being shipped before the combo’s why are you pushing the AMS on their own before sorting out the pre-paid combo orders???

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In exactly the same position here mate!!! one excuse after the next from Bambu Labs and DPD saying they have not even received the printer yet. The delivery for Monday notification was down to the paperwork being received ( but not the printers). Not good service from DPD’s automated notification unit but not there fault from what I can see!!! Getting close to binning the whole issue at the moment.

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It’s not DPDs fault.

4PX are the logistics company running the warehouse. Bambu has passed them the order and they have linked a shipping docket for it with DPD but not actually given it to them yet.

Yep, I get that but the fault lies with Bambu Labs for the total lack of control they have as far as I can see. It is not like DPDs fault which is what Bambu Lab is telling me giving all sorts of BS reasons why it has not been sent!!! It is all the BS excuses and lack of information that gets me annoyed with it all. I am getting all sorts of stuff from online from various sources and couriers and they all seem to manage to keep track of it all. Meanwhile they are very happy to take the money upfront!!! Sad state of affairs as the printer will have a lot of ground to make up the lost good will towards Bambu Lab!!!

Agree to disagree.

In my book, if a courier screws up, it’s not the manufacturers fault.

Yes they could use a different courier, but the fault is still with the courier.

So far it’s a 1 week delay. On something I put a deposit on 2 weeks ago. Ask me again in another week.


Thanks guys for the various comments. This is exactly what I ment with my comments earlier. If you (BL) do it wrong or not good enough in the beginning, you can loose a lot of goodwill amongst the crowd of people. Especially the start of a campaign like this should be handled with more people on BLs side, or, failing that, more regular updates. People will understand the problems with shipping from China, but this should include open communication, especially when things happen like mentioned before > ordered day one >> delivered day 5 (or so). @BambuLab

i do agree on that part , but no mather what they do ( if they make a post or not ) the complains stays the same , its still that feeling that you get put back at the end of the line ( even when it would be explained the feeling stays the same )

logistics is always complicated and will never be easy, mainly because of time zones and other related stuff
as a startup with “not to much experience with global shipping” are they not doing bad
if you compare it to others , Kickstarter or new product launches or just general ordering
then they are doing great in my point of view

why would bambu need to take the blame if the logistics mess it up , it is like saying that they are responsible that the courier love to play football with the printer
ofcourse they can try to follow it up , but they are also limited to what they can do as that is a global problem with outsourcing
same as fedex is still a mayor problem but that still millions of users are using them … as they offer a solution and sadly you can not go with out it ( there are others , but different contracts and stuff )

if it was shipping from china then the same applies
they depend on a third party , from the moment it is leaving the factory until it is at the front of your door is taken care of by a third partry
so they only got access to that information of the third party

so for example the “third party” makes a label and says it is shipped monday then bambu get a notice that it is shipped on monday
if the “third party” leaves it in the warenhouse for a other 4 days before they really ship it ? then bambu never know about it as they got already a notice that it is shipped on monday

so this makes thing real complicated and kinda out of there control
then we go back to the story above , if the “third party” does not do what it need to do , then bambu can not do much about it ( contracts … ) or not at current moment atleast
so you expect from them that they ask for updates every few minutes to see the status
and then expect from them that they communicate the update they got
so when the third party does not provide the update you still expect them to provide a “wrong” update
or when they pass on the update they got from the “third party” is wrong , then you expect that they provide a correct update when they get the wrong data itself

point is , a third party is complicated to handle

and ofcourse if something else goes wrong ( like messing up a pre order list or skipping by mistake ) then it makes things worse as it provide a wrong view

i am not even sure if the stores are been handled by the same staff, for example it could be a differendt list for Europe then the global list or the UK list
on that way it is possible that the queue is empty for the europe list and still at 50% for the UK list
this is also just pure speculation from my side , but i think it proofs a certain point

i do not try to “smooth talk” things, it is just my point of view
you are free to agree with it or not, it wont change my view of it
and as stated above, i still feel they are trying to do a great job, so far the best KS campaign i ever got
they keep on improving and they do handle complains , at least so far i am aware and what i noticed

" as a startup with “not to much experience with global shipping” " most of founders all came from DJI are should be very well acquainted with that port of the business. Otherwise they will have employed people to handle that part.

" why would bambu need to take the blame if the logistics mess it up ," they are the seller and have agreed to deliver to the door of the buyer. I have been working in leading positions in logistics for years and when a receiver of a product called and complained about a delayed delivery, I was the one responsible. If the car manufacturer orders a product to be delivered on Friday, the seller can not call them and say “hey truck is stuck in traffic”. No way. Like my boss once said when we met in the elevator (I was late ) " when you leave home half an hour earöier, you would have been in time".

I am not expecting miracles from them. All I was saying that a more regular update on shipping would come down people a lot. Like for the storage in Germany, they know when the container arrives in the port here, so why not communication more precise dates ?


My problem is this atm:

A: when issues occur with orders the customers which is hit from the issues should get informed directly not find out via Facebook and Forum that there was an issue with orders in the first place.And with that said the customer should get offered a solution from them.

Full refund of the pre order


As i stated to switch to a different but available product

B: When the Support states that they will come back to me their customer, they should do so.

None if that happened yet. No explanation how and why this was occurring. No solution is getting offered. The only statement i got is that I get mail when the product reached the warehouse. Well the product was at the warehouse and sent to people which ordered later as I did.

I hope they follow this thread and reach out to the customers which where hit by that issue and work on an solution with them. It is their fault to mess up pre orders which are enumerated and not the customers fault. They have to scrap the information and find the issue at hand to prevent any of this in the future. And they should as stated above work on a solution with the customers and not ignore the mails.