Squeak from Idler Pulley - Simple Fix!

My X1C started squeaking from the rear RH tensioner pulley.

I first tried loosening the tensioner screws and retightening them and then running a new calibration… no change.

Then I tried lubricating the pulley w/ SuperLube… still no change.

I was all ready to break out my tools and disconnect the XY belt and deep clean/inspect the tensioner assembly and pulley, but I decided I would try spraying the base of the idler pulley with some electrical contact cleaner.

POOF! No more squeak!

Here is my theory:
There was a lot of belt debris building up around the tensioner, and I think some of these rubber debris got stuck under the pulley. So all it took was some contact cleaner to dislodge the particles.
Hopefully some of those who have this issue will try this simple fix before resorting to attacking the printer with tools. I have linked some previous posts that were fighting the same issue.

Link to contact cleaner I used



I went through the exact same thing just now. I lubricated twice, and there was still squeaking. So decided to take an air canister and blow out the tensioner pulley, and now no more squeaking!

Thanks for the tip.

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Oh dear Lord i had the same issue now…squeeking in the front of the build plate when he prints circle things its terrible…i am going to try that tomorrow hope it will be fixed

Ich meine, ich habe ebenfalls dieses Problem. Hättest du ein Bild, wo du sauber gemacht hast?

Hab das problem gelöst habe die riehmen neu gespannt und die Lager eingeölt + die riehmen etwas weiter mittig am Motor verschoben da die am oberen Anschlag an der Rolle/Ritzel liefen, vermute auch das war einer der Gründe…seither läuft er auch total ruhig wieder, anfangs etwas Tricky das Geräusch genau zu finden aber kann jedem nur empfehlen riehmen mal neu spannen und Lager am Motor unterhalb vom riehmen ölen aber mit ptfe Öl und nicht WD40 o.ä :roll_eyes::see_no_evil:

Here is a picture of where to spray the electrical cleaning spray

Can confirm that using some Compressed air seemed to do the tricky amazingly for me. I had re-tightened the pulleys a few time but the sound was still there faintly. I assume there was a small bit of filament or even filament dust rubbing inside so the air cleaned it out

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blowing it clean with some air worked fine for me. squeeking gone.

Thank you so much for the fix i just got my printer a week ago and it started squeaking and this fixed it thank you so much :grinning: