TPU brand recommended for X1C?

Hello folks, as stated in the topic. Anyone has recommendTions on TPU? Hopefully one good quality rubbery brand that has been tried and true with the X1C?


I’ve used AmazonBasics and it was fine. You can’t use the AMS with TPU.


I have had good luck with Eryone TPU using the stock generic profile. I feed it out of a Solvol filament dryer via one of the many AMS to X1 wye adapters available on printables.


I’m using SainSmart TPU with very good results, but it is important to print slow to receive decent quality on overhangs. I don’t have the AMS.


nice!, what profile do you use with sainsmart? and how do you reduce speed? manually or while printing reduce to a certain percentage?

I started with the Generic TPU profile and changed these settings:
minimum layer time: 20s
nozzle temp. 230°C
maximum volumetric flow: 2mm³/s
The extreme slow speed was necessary for overhangs, if your model doesn’t have overhangs you can go a bit faster.


wow, thank you so much!. is that a test model?

It is this one, a kind of bumper for nasty furniture corners:

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Yeah, I’ll second the SainSmart recommendation. Have run several colors and it’s always consistent and reasonably priced (for TPU!).

Not a fan of Nijatek. I was just telling someone else they delivered poorly spooled with no bag or desiccant in a cardboard box! For a filament that’s hydroscopic!!

Dried it at their recommended temp and the spool melted! What idiots. Then, after all that, it clogged my printhead multiple times. Really not a fan, LOL.


Been using some Inland TPU (from Microcenter) with good results using the generic TPU profile on the PEI PC plate.

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How do you change the minimum layer time?

has someone tried the TPU Brand Recreus? I’ve bought a spool with 60 A Shore Hardness. It is very flexible and so it clogged up my extruder instantly.
Has someone experience with that stuff? Or some general hint to work with TPU.

I am using Bambu 95A and the back spool. I have yet to get any out of the nozzle, except for a little bit on the testing flow part of the print. Any ideas?

I’ve printed with Overture TPU just fine with default settings with a .4 nozzle. I use an engineering plate with glue just to let it release easier. No issues are all aside from some very minor stringing at times. Just got a roll of their High Flow TPU but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

When you loaded the TPU did the extruder grab ahold of the filament for sure?

I thought so since it placed a little on the board during flow testing.

Usually when I load TPU, I’ll hit the Retry prompt a couple times until I can see for sure that it’s pulling the filament and extruding it under the nozzle. Then I also watch it when it does the purge sequence just to make sure it’s pushing material.

I do not think that I did anything different this time, but it is printing D-Os neck right now from the back, in TPU. YES! Hopefully it is a smooth print too. Thanks for helping man.