Update for the A1 Heatbed Recall in Europe

First of all, we sincerely apologize for the unexpected information provided to EU customers. However, please rest assured that regardless of the specific requirements, we will make every effort to alleviate the burden and assist A1 users throughout the process, taking responsibility for the recall.

Here is a brief explanation:

When we announced the comprehensive recall on February 4th, with a sense of responsibility towards our A1 users, we promptly initiated a voluntary recall and provided what we believed to be reasonable options for users to choose from, to avoid any risk concerns and provide the quickest solutions to everyone. We have to admit that, at that time, we did not have enough time to carefully study the specific regulatory requirements in various regions, and we failed to provide specific instructions tailored to users in different regions. At that time, we only mentioned in the official blog that in some countries, due to regulations, this self-replacement of the bed by the customer may not be an option.

During this optimization period, we have been dedicating our efforts to both technical improvements and testing validation of the heatbeds. Additionally, we are actively seeking legal compliance advice regarding the recall in relevant regions. Our goal is to complete the recall in a lawful and compliant manner, ensuring the protection of users’ safety and legitimate interests.

Based on the professional legal opinion and comprehensive evaluations, we have the obligation to truthfully inform European users about the inspection requirements of the machine after repair due to the requirements of the EU EN50678 standard (General procedure for verifying the effectiveness of the protective measures of electrical equipment after repair) or any applicable local equivalent standard.

In short, the EU EN50678 standard aims to ensure that the essential protective measures continue to function after a repair. For the A1 heatbed replacement scheme, the crucial point is to ensure that the heatbed power wires, electrical wire insulation and the yellow-green ground wire, which serve as a protective measure, are correctly reconnected. Therefore, as a corporation, it is our duty to ensure that the relevant procedures are carried out effectively. This is also the rationale behind our request for you to take photographs.

Additionally, we would like to explain that we encourage users to take three key photos during the replacement process, of the aforementioned locations. This will give us an opportunity to assist in confirming the correct procedure for the entire replacement process, thereby avoiding any unforeseen issues or risks in future usage.

If you are unsure whether your cable connections are correct, we are here to provide continuous assistance. We have urgently sought out institutions with the appropriate qualifications to help everyone.

Please rest assured that all related expenses will be covered by us, and the promised new heatbed and corresponding discount code will be sent to the customers.

If you need assistance, please reply to us on the original ticket, and we will provide specific instructions.


given the timelines you are talking about for getting the a1 back on the market, would it not be a lot simpler for you to ship replacement printers and then we return the faulty models. This minimises your risk and ours.


This is not the same terms what was communicated before. How can I change my previously chosen option 2 to option 1 (send back and refund)?


I would accept either @palros or @tribore proposals happily.

As currently proposed, I no longer wish to repair myself (and then send away for certification).

If BBL can change their proposal, it seems only fair for us to change our response.


That was option 1 you return your printer and they refund you. You would then have the choice to repurchase once available again. If you chose to keep your printer and get the higher amount back then you’ve already accepted to not get a new printer.


Yes and if had the information i had today i would have gone for that option.


So taking pictures and sending them back to show that you did it correctly makes it just too hard to do?


And getting it Certified by an Electrician… where i may have to pack it up again and ship it to somebody, wait 3-4 weeks for it to be returned.
Thats the bit thats to much


The problem is what was just individually sent us (EU customers). The test must be documented (aka certified) by the professional electrician according to the standards. So you have to find the professional to do that (which is not cheap) or sent the printer back to BL which we originally wanted to avoid.


Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, muss eine Sicherheitsprüfung für den Umbau mit dem neuen Heizbett durchgeführt werden. Wäre das dann nicht sinnvoller, ein Unternehmen im jeweiligen Land mit dem Austauch und Zertifizierung zu beauftragen? In Deutschland wäre z.B. ein Techniker der Expert Gruppe sicher dazu in der Lage und Expert hat über ganz Deutschland verteilt Filialen.

If I have understood correctly, a safety check must be carried out for the conversion with the new heating bed. Wouldn’t it make more sense to commission a company in the respective country to carry out the replacement and certification? In Germany, for example, a technician from the Expert Group would certainly be able to do this and Expert has branches all over Germany.

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then reply to your support ticket and change your option

Of course we did that. But unfortunately BL doesn’t want to communicate with us individually, or at least it seems to be.

This change all i want to’change to option 1 too

So, to be clear.

Anyone in Europe who went the heat bed replacement route, has to take three photographs during the replacement and show them to who?

I’ve seen comments in this thread about getting the replacement certified by an electrician but I don’t see any mention of that in the original post?

What actually needs to be done, because once again, it’s not very clear…

Where does it state that the installation has to be certified by an electrician?

Also, does this EU EN50678 standard apply to people living in the UK?

AHHHH yes I forgot its day one since the email and you’re the only one trying to bombard support with questions. Don’t expect a response in a day.


The EU standard says that repairs have to be done by an “electrically skilled person”, You yourself can be electrically skilled. No where does the standard say anything about certified or anything of the such. Do it yourself, and sign it yourself. Problem solved.

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In the message which was individually sent to the EU customers.

I didn’t get any answer in the last 2 months.