User Spamming 'Fast Profile' is using Fake/Photoshopped Images

The infamous ‘AneoPsy’ user on MakerWorld who has been putting out an inordinate amount of profiles that are labelled ‘Fast’ has taken it a step too far by using photoshopped images to pretend that they have printed out the model.

Here is the user: AneoPsy | Published - MakerWorld

Here are the models of mine that are affected:

Each profile this user has uploaded on my models features a photoshopped image where the color and background are changed.

Here’s my original photo:

And here is their photo:

This is unacceptable and this user should be banned for it. They’ve already been under lots of scrutiny both here and the subreddit but they technically were not doing anything wrong before. But this time they are explicitly cheating and lying that they have printed out the model by photoshopping my original photo and passing it off as their own.


Here’s more evidence:

Their profile on the page:

Another user’s uploaded image compared to the uploaded one:

And they did it here again:

Currently, they’ve removed their photoshopped image on my board game model, but the others are still there


They’ve admitted it as well.

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Done it on a few of mine too, i really wish we had the option to remove any profile and ban users.


Wow so they have a history of photoshopping images to pass profile checks?

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Definitely, but unfortunately i have gone to find it and they have now changed the picture but it used to be on my disapproving ghost keyring but now they’ve “remixed” it (moved the hole) so its now a different picture.


This user is completely defeating the point of the pictures, and quite clearly acting against the spirit of the rules requiring them.


Everyone needs to notify MW about this user. The photo has to be of THEIR print. Really, this entire Print Profile points is ridiculous. I have had several poor MODEL reviews due to user uploaded and not tested Print Profiles. I’ve now had to add WARNINGS in my models so people are aware to ONLY use the Designer Print Profiles.


Just report them. MW will take action. Some of my fixes are 4k downloads and these farmers are getting points for their outdated version of my models, i opened one of them it shows an pikachui! not even my popular AMS fixes…

The infarmous one is aneopsy and KENPRINT3D

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Yup. I reported over a dozen of his Profiles.

Some examples

Green dragon is the original

orange flute the original. No shadows on his, color spill, same model defects.

But seems like MW finally punished him

Edit: nope they didn’t


Wow you’re right, looks like they did remove all of their stuff! Very glad to see it worked out and there were actions taken against this kind of behavior. Thanks all for the shared info and comments and thanks to MakerWorld for taking active steps to improve the platform


Not gonna lie those photoshopped images are done really good, bad this is happening but at quick glance I wouldn’t have guessed that was happening! Great catch. Lol

Wonder how much money they made…

you can do the quick math. Total 36.3k downloads. Every 25 Downloads = 4 credits

So just from that he got 5800 credits or 11 Vouchers. What i didn’t count are all the 200 Download achievements of which he had quite a few. So total are several hundred bucks.

Another reason to use higher res photos on Makerworld.

It helps for sure, but in the cases where that user was taking photos from reviews from people who shared their print, not much we can do

Not ganna lie thats a beautiful sight lol

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Agreed, glad to see it.

Here’s official confirmation that MakerWorld dealt with this user:


Well that was short lived, they have models and profiles back up on their page…

That is quite unfortunate. With the amount of reports he got i’m surprised the whole account wasn’t nuked by now. Looks like he just got a slap on the wrist…

Some of the Print profiles that were recovered are still using stolen and edited images.

They seem to have kept all their downloads too.