We're excited to announce that Bambu Lab P1P is getting an upgrade

We’re excited to announce that Bambu Lab P1P is getting a major upgrade!

Because of the popularity of the camera and LED light, we decided to upgrade P1P with add-ons. That’s right - you will get a chamber camera and LED for free with the purchase of P1P!

If you ordered a P1P and missed the opportunity to get those included you should receive an email (in the next week) with instructions on how to do so. See here for details Bambu Lab P1P Update | Bambu Lab Global


I think many would prefer the warped bed issue be resolved properly before worrying about freebie gimmicks but this is very cool! :fire:


I would like to trade my camera and lighting for a straight and bubble free print bed that is tested before shipping.


cool! Thanks, Bambu Lab! Ordered mine without camera and light about a month ago, so definititely looking forward hearing from you guys!

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Thank for this Upgrade BambuLab.


At least you can see your warped bed go up and down on the computer screen.


Thank you, Bambulab!


@SirWill Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated. With those two additions, what now differentiates the P1P from the X1 Carbon. I have an X1 Carbon and was thinking about getting another one or possibly a P1P. Are there any good links someone can share that compares the two models?

X1C includes the following compared to P1P: LIDAR sensor, fully enclosed, part fan included, hi-res camera including cloud AI based spaghetti detection, hi-res touch display, additional bearings on Z-axis, exhaust fan.
You may check out some comparisons online (e.g. YouTube).


@r00t Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out Youtube like you suggested. However, just from your quick list and then looking at the spec sheet for the P1P, I am leaning towards a second X1.

Thank you for the upgrade. I have a P1P and soon with camera and lights. That brings joy that I already have with my P1P

Thank you very much, Bambu Lab Team! :slight_smile:

I don’t think we can call these “stunning Timelapse’s” until we get the feature to integrate the gcode and move the head out of the way. The times lapse we currently get are amateur at best.

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I hope, no one is expecting pro quality time lapse videos from this 720p 0.5fps camera. It‘s a gadget and can be used to check your print and now - included with the P1P - it‘s a no-brainer. I‘m happy with it! :grinning:


Let’s improve other things first! I got mine as part of buying the P1P.
LED to dim :frowning:
Camera - poor quality, low res. :frowning:


Thanks! So happy with my P1P! Ordered the cam and received it 2 Days later.

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LiDAR is the main difference, and the enclosure.

And the much more capable electronics. And the aux fan, which will increase print speeds, but can be added to the P1P as well.

Wasn’t there an issue using the camera that overloaded the processor and the printer paused? I never heard if the issue of pausing was caused by the camera, if it was is it fix now?

I am about to purchase a p1p from aus. I don’t have a gift code, and there is no mention of this in the store. Just checking I will automatically get the camera and light at if I order the p1p?