X1E Hotend

Since the X1E has a higher maximum hotend temperatur (320°C) than the X1C (300°C), do they use the same hotend assembly? I could not find any replacement hotends for the X1E specifically.

Kinda expecting the A1 system style hotend. Where its plug and play

According to the X1E maintenance wiki the hotend looks like the same used in a P series.


Hi, it’s nice that you have recognized the similarity of the hotends from the p1 and the x1e. But has anyone tryed to put a hotend from the p1 into an x1e already?
I plan on buying an BIQU Panda Revo for my x1e, but there are only the two versions for the x1 and p1 available and it’s a little expensive for experimental purposes only…
Hope you all have a great day.