Added P1P a Touch Screen

Hi all,

I am working in a P1PTouch screen.

It’s using this cheap ESP-32 boards

Actually is a WIP but this is the current status:

  • WifiSetting via AP
  • MQTT comm
  • Home Page with
    – Light working button
    – Bed/Nozzle Temp
    – Wifi status
  • Control Page
    – XYZ movements
    – Change increment from 1/10

Current working in the Temperature/Fan Screen…

You can see a demo video at:

Any actually thing aside normal controls you see here?

PD: I will upload the firmware to github when I finish the missing nozzle / filament / config screens


From my other reading this will require the P1P to be in LAN mode, which will disable Bambu Handy and camera access correct?

As far as I know yes. I don’t need external access so actually I have not checked this… BTW I am thinking ina chrome extension that lets you download the timelapses in a more “today MP4” format other than avi…


That’s an interesting project. I’ve bought a similar 5" (or 7" - iI don’t exactly remember) capacitive touch screen from aliexpress to try it out and do something with lvgl.
I’m curious how you interface with the P1P. Is it via WiFi or via UART, or anything else?

I have also one of these 7inch, but was a bit loo large to fit…

Interfacing is done via MQTT messages, there are a lot of info in the topic in the HA forum.

Yeah LVGL is the way,I am using SquareLine Studio , and helped a lot.( aside was a pain to manage to fit all with the free version)


Some more updates:

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About the logo. You might ask the user if this is a P1P or P1S and then show the logo accordingly.

I think I will go with the P1Touch name. BTW I think you assumed the logo comes from the official one, and is not the case as I don’t like any legal trouble with bambu about it…


Aside of this I will try to put next week a version on his own GitHub repo…

Not sure I will release code ATM as I will not be able to polish it as I am used. So I will postpone code release until I come back from vacation.

Anyway firmware beta and docs will be uploaded next week before my depart


Would love to see the creality pad work on a p1p

So does this require lan only mode? As in you can only use this If I removing the ability to connect to the cloud functionality?

Hello i have tried this on 3 different p1p’s and it will not connect it gets the the part where its trying to connect to the MQTT, and just goes right back to the splash screen any suggestions?

Have you installed the appropriate drivers etc first?

I got it working pretty quickly. Happy to help if you need it.

I have installed this recently and it’s a nice little add-on to the p1s. However due to the recent Bambu server issues I like to turn off the printer at night. This loses the connection and all the AP details need to be manually entered again. Any way around this?


Ich habe das selbe problem…kann meine daten nicht dauerhaft abspeichern…ich mache meinen drucker immer aus . wenn ich ihn nicht brauche…

Just picked up a screen from AliExpress. Loaded the drivers onto my computer, and used the web installer. The screen stays at the splash screen, and I cannot see the P1Ptouch network on my phone. I know I must be missing something. Help!?

I really like this project! Will definitly try when AMS management will land :slight_smile:

you did a very great job, congrats

Is possible to publish the source code for I try to create a branch and if stable I pass to you back?

Thank so much

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This is an awesome project! Thanks for sharing.
I hope you will be active on Mastodon, too. :thinking:

I have the Same Issue -.-