Featured Model Guidelines

Hi MakerWorld community,

There has been growing interest in how Featured models are selected on MakerWorld. So today, we are here to solve the mystery.

The most important feature we look at when selecting our Featured models is the quality of the model, mainly emphasizing these specific criteria:

  • Originality: This model should be your original design. A remix is less likely to be considered.

  • Complexity: A model displaying an advanced level of complexity and sophistication is more likely to be selected.

  • Practicality : Some useful daily tools might have simpler designs and are easier to print. This does not mean you have a lower possibility of being featured. Elaborating on how it functions in the description will help your chances.

Additionally, here are some other areas you can perfect when uploading your design to MakerWorld to increase your chances of being featured.

Model picture: For a model to be featured, a picture of the actual printed model is required. Makers are more likely to download and print the model if they see the model in real life rather than AI-generated pictures.

  • If it’s a decorative item, put it up and share a picture to showcase how and where it fits best.

  • If it’s a functional tool, upload a picture or GIF to demonstrate its functionality.

Print Profile:

  • We prefer featured models that include designers’ print profiles as they know best what settings would work well after their testing.

  • Print Profile photos should also be the image of the actual printed model instead of screenshots from Bambu Studio or AIGC.

  • If you are still unsure what we are looking for, refer to our Print Profile Upload Guidance.

Description: Model Description should be as thorough as possible.

  • Introduce your model to the audience. A background story on how or who inspired your design is welcomed.

  • Highlight the unique features or designs of your model. Tell us how it stands out compared to the others.

  • Detailed printing instructions should be included. List support settings, filament recommendations, and other information needed to facilitate a successful print. For example, inform makers to use TPU for tires to achieve better model quality if your design is a vehicle with wheels.

  • If your model has parts to assemble, make sure a clear and instructive assembly guide is included. GIF or Video instructions are recommended for more sophisticated models. Also, make sure that all of the required parts are included in the print profile.

Comment interactions: We believe that a featured model embodies MakerWorld’s core values, therefore our selected designers should be proactive members of our community. Here are some tips:

  • Reply to comments in a timely manner. Offer a kind response to praise or criticism.

  • Provide a detailed solution to other maker’s questions regarding your model. Your reply might help many others with similar issues.

  • Keep in mind that communicating in a friendly and respectful manner will go a long way in our community.

An example we encourage makers to look at is BambuLab’s PanzerKampwagen. It includes the actual printed picture of the model, verified print profile with required building tools, recommended filaments & hotend and an estimated print time. An articulated assembly guide is also included.

A fair and square playing field is required for all aspiring makers to strive and prosper in MakerWorld. Talented makers with their outstanding designs should be recognized and rewarded, and we will continue to work towards this goal.

The MakerWorld Team


What are the best settings/dimensions for uploading pictures of the design?
Most of the pictures i upload are badly cropped and knowing the best possible sizes for uploads would help me to provide better photos :wink:

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Good point, we will add this to our checklist

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Thanks :slight_smile: looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’ve been making all my photos square, with a little buffer around the edges. That seems to work best with all of the orientations I’ve seen when looking at the website and app. Buffer should be enough to account for if it gets cropped vertically or horizontally.

I use to traditionally take portrait framed photos, which realized quickly on here that doesn’t work so well.

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Here, I made an image! I follow the rule of thirds with it, and just try and keep my subject on those intersecting points, while giving a little room around the edge, to try and account for getting cropped either way. Hopefully this is helpful to someone :sweat_smile: I just enjoy talking photos. But, I do think this should be the general recommendation, as it allows the photos to be used in a variety of ways, and helps future proof them a little better.

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still waiting thumbnail auto adjuster if pictures are more vertical dimension or horizontal dimension i can be scale whole image in one square… leaving empty space blur. this feature i have been already requested, this working on inside profiles vertical but not horizontal pictures

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There really should be rules for people mass posting models without proof of concept(actual images). They should not earn points until they post legitimate images.

Geez @MakerWorld you really need to get your act together, the amount of faked print images (rendered etc) is beyond a joke. Just take a look at the number of level 30 “makers” who do this solely as their MO. It devalues the hard work the limited amount of honest Makers put into preparing and printing actual Models.

The reporting system is broken, I’ve reported a few only for them to be reuploaded an hour later unchanged. Report again and its simply rinse and repeat for the lazy points grabber. The honour system with the “Tick this box” isn’t working obviously, there is no penalty to the repeat offender so why not. Maybe you need to deputise some trusted community members to Moderate around the clock because you sure aren’t keeping up.

On the same subject, how do you give more evidence beyond taking a screenshot of EVERY faked print image if the “maker” has spammed 100+ models? I’ve had these reports rejected siting “need more evidence”. Do we just give up and let MakerWorld rot away with the mass spam upload issue?


Is it true that only featured models can win contests?

Hi, that is not true. However, once your model is selected as one of the top 3 winners, it is very likely that we will feature your model.


Great! Thank you for the answer.

i win a prize (not the first 3) without being featured

Browser Dev Tools say 4:3 screen ratio is the displayed ratio. However, the pictures still get blurry when they are resized by Makerworld scripts.

Does the amount of pixels also matter? Noticed most thumbnails are around 600x450

Yes, I notice that, as I often include text to my pictures. The letters get blurry when the pictograms are created by the maker world backend. On the other hand you can not just upload smaller pictures because then they get blurry on the model page :-/

Looks like they added the 4:3 ratio at the image upload tab or did it always showed it? :smiley:

It seems like a minor update for me :slight_smile:

I tried my best to reduce the image ratio, but it ended up being bigger than the screen

I noticed when i take pictures on my phone with the 1:1 ratio or square they show up the nicest on makerworld :slight_smile:

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