Filament Drying Feature on P1S

As the new p1s contains the necessary hardware panels for containing heat within the chamber, can we expect the p1s to support filament drying programs as we see in the likes of the x1 series? I believe this could be implemented through bambu handy or studio if the issue is not being able to display relevant info on the p1s display.



Sounds like a good feature to add to P1S. +1


It will be a good improvement for the P1S

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Agreed, this would be awesome to add…

I agree. Just taken delivery of my new P1S and a little dissapointed that this feature hasn’t been implemented for this model (…yet?).

I think it’s all g code, I’m thinking P1 series might just not get features like this to make x1 series still the more appealing option, it should be pretty easy to heat bed to certain temp then starting a 10 min timer, do you want me to try get something and then post it here?


If you don’t mind coming up with a simple script it would be appreciated as I’m sure your GCode knowledge likely trumps my own.

The P1S is my first Bambu printer, so I am not sure whether the X1 series filament drying feature performs any additional features or steps (such as increasing/decreasing fans to maintain chamber temperature).

Ultimately, it would be a real shame if Bambu decides not to implement this for the P1S seeing as it seemingly has all the necessary hardware so a fairly simple firmware update to add this feature into the printer’s screen and via Bambu Studio/Bambu handy would be helpful. Being able to set parameters such as the temperature and drying time from the screen/app would be really useful.


Please. That would be so great!

dang, when i saw that the x1 dried filament i assumed the p1s would also… cost of a dedicated dryer kinda eats into the savings on my new p1s

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You can still dry filament on the P1S, you just have to set it manually.

If you do not have a X1 series printer but have a P1S printer that also has a closed chamber, you can also dry the filaments by setting the bed temperatures to be the same as a X1 series printer‘s, and the operation during the drying process is the same.


Please add a button in Bambu studio for P1s too :slight_smile:


Yes please we need that function

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Yes we need this feature !

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This would be a great feature!

as [smithshaun556] stated, this is all about code.
A small piece of code does all that is neccessary.
It delievers the raw feature without any convenience. It does:

  • re-home XY
  • set chamber fan to 70%
  • set bed temp to 90°C and wait for it
  • set chamber fan to 40%
  • wait 5 minutes without changing anything
  • set chamber fan to 0
  • set chamber fan off
  • set bed temp off

There is no indication of (Time, Percent) progress. It just stops when ready,
Test it (control i.e. with bambu app) and then change temperature, fan speed and time as needed. Look for the commented lines.

I wanted to add some convenience, i.e. by adding stop/resume/beep to allow users to input spools, when bed is heated. I had a lot of problems with this, as I am neither a gcode expert, nor a bambulab expert. So perhaps anyone else can help out with this.

G28 X ; re-home XY
M106 P3 S180 ; set chamber fan to 70%
M190 S90 ; wait for bed temp 90°C
M106 P3 S104 ; set chamber fan to 40% (256*0.4)
G4 P360000 ; wait 360.000 ms - 5 minutes
M106 P3 S0 ; set chamber fan to 0
M107 P3 ; set chamber fan off
M140 S0 ; set bed temp off


You could save this code as “dry_code.gcode” to the “model” folder on your SD Card and “print” manually. As you have to add a spool, when “printing” it, there is no need to have an option for remote execution from bambu studio.


It might be possible to dry PLA in the P1S. As an experiment, I put several spools of filament in the machine, closed all the doors, turned off all the fans, and raised the bed temperature to its maximum of 100C. I also left a thermometer inside.The chamber never got above 45C, even after several hours.

As a second experiment, I added some metal risers to elevate the spools above the heated bed. After 5 hours, the temperature inside the chamber had reached 50C. I think that was its steady-state.

The ambient temperature of the room was 20C. I took measurements in the middle of the chamber, and near the top of the chamber.

Nice idea - one issue you might have is that the glass top and door are really good conductors of heat. So would be impossible to heat particularly in a cold room without insulation. You could just try covering these surfaces with a dishcloth or something and should make a big difference.

Have just purchased a P1S - my first 3d printer but was printing my first object in about 15mins of opening the box!

Be really keen to try your method but just not sure how to operate the fans and heating bed etc when not actually printing. Appreciate any advice you can provide.

Welcome to the forum.

You can control the fans and heated bed from the Handy app, Bambu Studio or directly using the navigation buttons and screen on the printer.


I bought a food dehydrator for $40. Only downside is that it doesn’t keep my filament dry when I leave it attached to the printer for days. I didn’t think about that. I’ll probably pick up a cheap filament dryer that let’s the printer pull the filament.

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