Forum is unfriendly to new users

It is pretty common for new forum members to find they are being blocked from the forum for no apparent reason. There is no readily available reference to explain the various restrictions and privileges of the different user “badges”, or how they are obtained.

So when that new printer does not work as expected, they can either post in someone else’s thread (which is rude), or just go away bewildered.

There really needs to be a sticky post at the top of the forum explaining what the various user levels are and what needs to be done to achieve them. The rules should also be included or linked in the email which confirms the new user’s email address.

Don’t say these questions can be answered by the discobot - that does not work and is not an obvious place to look even if it did.

They can be answered by google, that’s for sure.


Badges even tell you how to obtain them (they serve no purpose btw)

Care to eloborate?

Or use the search function as it is very likely that someone else has the same problem. No idea where you get the “rude” part from. As long as new users don’t expect to be spoon-fed then no one has a problem if they share their issues in an existing thread (assuming it’s the same topic).

If it pushes a new person to search and read, maybe even participate in well worn thread its a positive. It should be reasonably clear to a casual user but when things aren’t running the way you want most of this practicality goes out the window.

Google can only be helpful if you already know that the forum runs on Discource. Most forums state the software used on the main index page - I don’t see it that mentioned on the Bambu forum. You should not need to dig for it.

Quick search of the forum for “new post” found these frustrated newbies in just the past few weeks. I’m sure the search missed just as many.
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Even if they do take the time to search for a topic related to their question, the topic gets sidetracked as the other users have to explain WHY the newbie can’t start a topic, and is limited in the number of links and attachments.

The restrictions are reasonable and easily overcome, but it should not be so difficult for a new user to find the rules.


I think I got tagged on this post because of the links just posted, but I’ll add my 2c for what it’s worth:

If it pushes a new person to search and read, maybe even participate in well worn thread its a positive.

For who? As a brand new Bambu customer, and not an inexperienced, lazy, or particularly dull one, it took me an annoyingly long time to figure out why I couldn’t post a new thread. And I have zero interest in talking with anyone here about anything other than fixing my printer problem, so I had to piggy-back
on a random thread to earn fake internet points before I could ask my question.

None of that… NONE of that… benefited me.

As petty as it sounds, it was enough to put me back on the fence about perhaps getting another Prusa and getting rid of this thing.


Couldn’t agree more. There are a handful of regulars here that answer the same “why can’t I post?!?!” question over and over again.

I personally find this saddening. I help people here in hopes that they will in turn help others that are new here or contribute in other ways. There are users here that put a lot of time and effort into very informative replies to people’s questions. (look at you @Olias)


I’m a relatively new user myself and the hoops to get to the posting a new thread was not that complex, and I’m not one that enjoys waiting.

But I’ll go back to the key words I should’ve highlighted, “Search” and “Read”, there is rarely anything new thats gone wrong that hasn’t already happened and for those odd times it usually isn’t going to be solved with one “experienced”, “active”, or “exciting” even thread by a new person. If you’re not able to research well enough or can’t find instant gratification from the surrounding forums there is always the ever-efficient support ticket system waiting to benefit you :slight_smile:

There is also the Bambu discord server but it does also have it’s own hoops to jump through to be able to post. Oh and there is a Facebook group I think (shudders).


I’ve never tried discord, but then I’ve got facebook to answer all those really hard problems :joy:

First, let me tip my hat to all the community members who regularly contribute. You know who you are because I try to reciprocate where I can contribute and also recognize each contribution I witness with a thumbs up.:+1:

I agree with the main point that there is room for improvement to make the experience softer and less jarring for newcomers. However, on balance, I feel no need to accommodate those individuals who show up and demonstrate zero desire to help themselves figure out what works and what doesn’t.

The consequences of what happens when you have no probationary period


If we had no probationary period, what will happen is that spammers and troublemakers will flood this forum. If it were too easy to join and start posting, people will—without a doubt—set up multiple accounts just to create mischief. I know this because it has happened in every forum I’ve been involved in if they didn’t establish such precautions. I’ll repeat, this has happened in all my experiences without fail.

A little Internet Background


I’ll freely admit that I might be a bit biased because I started using the internet long before the World Wide Web even existed. Back then, we had civil discussion groups on USENET. But that all changed when AOL ruined it.

During the early days of the WWW, I created one discussion group, moderated two others, and was part of many more. My fellow admins and I tried to recreate the decorum we missed upon the demise of USENET. I know firsthand how challenging it is to moderate a discussion forum.

We are welcoming, believe it or not.


Why bring up the Internet of the past? Because, in terms of entry rules, this forum is one of the most relaxed in my experience. All a newbie has to do is follow the guidelines, but that does require taking the time to read them, doesn’t it?

People who have shown up here stating that they are a newbie and asking for help, the members here have demonstrated that they are willing to respond kindly and offer help.

Digital Literacy and the spirit of entitlement to be spoon-fed.


On the flip side, if someone is unwilling to learn digital skills due to laziness, they’re responsible for their situation, and I can’t feel sorry for them. Similarly, if someone joins a discussion forum and shares a poorly written, unclear, and unhelpful message without trying, I believe the group isn’t obligated to be welcoming. You receive what you contribute.

The idea is, if lazy individuals feel unwelcome upon their arrival here, maybe they should seek out one of those “safe spaces” that people like them believe they have a right to, and for their own well-being, stay away from the internet, as they won’t find many friendlier places than this one.

Last but not least. If someone is truly dissatisfied with their experience here, then maybe they should request a refund for the entrance fee from the admins. :grin:

Bulletin Boards FTW :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Like those drop down summary sections - didn’t know you could do that. :grinning:

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One thing i found interesting, well pretty bemusing is how many users appear to be put of by discobot out of the initial badges i earned , one had a total of 1200/1300 hundred users, while the bot one was 500ish , i actually found discobot to be a little amusing and helpful
and the only problem ive encountered came from trying to post images in someone elses thread , the reason i decided to start a thread.

I’m confused (not difficult to do). I do not remember having a particularly difficult time posting my first topic and honestly, I have no knowledge of “badges” and could not care less who has what badge. Am I missing something?

That’s the thing, most users don’t notice the restriction as they read a couple threads before posting. Only users that “must” post right away will have an issue.

You’re not missing anything, badges are nothing important at all. I’ve got a bunch of them for no other reason that “you gotta catch them all”


Who is this “Site Feedback” forum for? Are there Bambu employees reading this?

What I’m seeing is somebody posting feedback about their experience and impressions, and everyone trying to convince them they’re wrong. “Don’t believe your lying eyes”. Even when presented with half a dozen other people posting the exact same thing in as many days.

If you don’t want feedback about your forum, get rid of the “Site Feedback.” Otherwise LISTEN to what people are telling you and don’t tell them their feedback is invalid.

Good grief.

The simple answer to your question is; no!

If you ever get the chance to create a forum on your own, there are tons of free ones out there, what you’ll quickly find is that there is a standard set of templates. The feedback subforum is an example of a universal template. Now do Bambu employees NOT read these post? I’m sure they do but this is probably a very, very, very … did I say very? Low priority since it generate zero revenue.

If you read back when this forum was started there was much more engagement from Bambu. The Feedback area was actually used. As the company grew there was less and less engagement and I really can’t blame them.


6 posts in a “few weeks”?

BBL’s run rate on printer sales has got to be in the high 100s per week, if not higher. This forum has had 941 new signups in the last 7 days. There are 28K users in total. So the 6x frustrated newbies are a fraction of a percentage of the user base and hardly anything approaching epidemic levels. It certainly can’t be characterized as “pretty common” that there are frustrated newbies struggling with the rules or other members…

Requiring newbies to meet specific use criteria before they can make full use of all features is pretty common. It’s necessary to prevent the forum from being overrun by bots and trolls.


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I feel the general consensus is that the criteria should stay in place but should be better communicated. I would agree that it does work as there is very little problem with bots/trolls. It’s very interesting to see the site statistics.