How many printing hours on your X1C?

1498 hours in my X1C. I’ve replaced the wiper once, and lubed the lead screws a couple times. All is good.
Now I’ve had the AMS apart several times for broken filament. But if I remember to dry my filament before use that minimizes the breaking. I know some people never dry their filament, but I’m in Ohio. The state flower should be mildew.

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If you’re doing a lot of PLA, I would highly recommend the textured PEI plate. Glue is a pain to put down and clean up, the textured PEI plate works without glue, and seems more reliable. I’ve only done about about 40 prints, but no failures so far.

I’ve actually started using 3DLAC with the Cool Plate. Prints stick great and pop right off (using Overture Matte PLA Pro; BBL Matte PLA is a little tougher to take off). I can get about 8 prints before I clean it off and re-coat, though I could probably go longer. I tried textured PEI plate. Didn’t work.

Were you using the black textured plate? Many have reported the gold plate works much better.

X1C - 272 hours of printing in the first 5 weeks of ownership

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289 houres in 4 weeks. No sirius Problems.

However, the International Forum is really interesting to read. Could it be that German language problems don’t really reach China?

Someone reports unsolved delieverymater: here: X/Y Lager defekt

Unknown Huge Layer attention Problems over several days by several users which was solved by Version : Seit Tagen kein vernünftiger Druck mehr möglich... X1C One printer with a longer runtime still has problems even with version

Experience with customer service of Bambulab in Europ: Erfahrungswerte mit Kundenservice - Shop-Bestellungen

1534 hours on mine so far!

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Just hit 1000 hours!!


418 hours and I’ve only had it 4 weeks! I think I’ve had 2 failed prints but both were my fault, both the printer and AMS have been absolutely flawless.

3016 hours young. I bought in Dec 2022.
Ive only had 2 issues that required warranty:

  1. Control Board fan
  2. Cutter is stuck error, They are replacing my toolhead Boards. I have the V8 boards

Other than that I have been printing pretty much non stop

900 hours, cleaned the rods and lubed the screws once. No printer failures or replaced components. No complaints.

Am I the one printing the most? :slight_smile:
4500 hours now, and counting… ;-D

Since my last post I was battling backlash, so I changed the XY belts (probably not needed), Z belt (definitely not needed), adjusted the Z screws that jumped tooth somehow and did some tramming, then put shims between the toolhead and the top bushing which solved the problem.
Prints as good (or rather better) than new.

I wonder what the projected lifetime of all the components is…


4500 hours! Wow, thats alot :fire::smile:

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can you make a picture of what you did to the toolhead?

Take a look here: Extruder has play in Y-Axis


Thank you for sharing zviratko, I’m sure many will find that thread useful.

Really happy to see so many hours being positive on the X1C. I just purchased 2 X1C’s with AMS in the last month, and so far doing great, minus one print that consistently fails (exhaust fan mod on overhang). Glad this forum is active!

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about 2300 hours lots of fails even more successes

So here we go, he is only at 1000 printing hours per printer (total of 3000 hours by 3 printers) but that will certainly change quickly because thise machines have to deliver…

I’m excited to see what happens when he reaches the 5000 hour mark per printer on 9 printers - what in something that is: lightly used.

Finaly I see it like he see`s it, you can really say something after 20,000 printing hours per printer, so a total of 180,000 printing hours by 9 printers.

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Only replaced the top PTFE line twice now, had to clean out the extruder of gunk, and one fillment cutter. Not bad for a machine that hit 2000+ hours primarily doing ABS and getting cleaned once a week.