PP on X1 Carbon

does anyone have any experience with PP? maybe even settings for X1 Carbon.

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I’ve tried printing PP. I had a little success using the AMS, but after awhile i got nozzle clogging. I should retry it using the spool holder so without the AMS. Hopefully i will have time for this in the coming week.

Bed adhesion was okay using the Engineering side of the plate together with Magigoo PP.
Since PP cannot be chosen in the BambuSlicer, i made a filament profile based on PC and adjusted the parameters accordingly.


Settings only temperature and fan or also speeds?

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I use FormFutura’s Centaur PP. See the attached pictures for the filament settings. There are not final yet, because i still have to try printing without using the AMS, but i am confident that these work.


You can type into the filament type box, and then on the printer it will appear as an empty box for filament type.


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Thanks for your help. I try it with these settings. If there’s a change, we’ll hear from each other✌️

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Thanks @mowcius. I’ve tried this in a previous version of the slicer and then it did not work. But now on the latest version it does.

Never had much luck with PP on other printers. I always considered it to be a form of self torture.

Every filament I’ve tried so far has been a breeze so i might give it another go on the X1.

I print parts from Fiberlogy PP (and PA) on a Prusa Mini with a 0.6 nozzle. I use the IKEA lack chamber and powder coated sheet. I use brim of course to avoid surprises and 100C bed temperature. The temperature in the chamber reaches 40C. I remove the parts after the sheet has cooled down, because they are still able to deform.

Are you using the engineering plate to print PP or something else?

Yes, i use the engineering plate with Magigoo PP on it.


Thanks For the information

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Is that a powder coated PEI sheet? Are you using anything like magicgoo PP? what temp are you printing at?

OK, 3 failures trying to printed on one of those gold textured pie sheets from china. They all looked great for maybe 3mm of the print then slowly started to peel. Tried MagicGoo PP and got a success on the first try. That was with the same textured plate and using the settings MotherOfInvention shared earlier in this post. Although I did increase the Textured bed temp to 90c. I am going to try the Bambu Engineering plate this evening and see how that does as the texured plate did seem like it was having trouble holding on towards the end.

To blacha jak Prusa ale bez PEI. Jest po prostu malowana proszkowo z odpowiednią strukturą. Są również dla Bambu :wink:
Szukaj info na grupie:

I dont use any glue. Temp profiles (based on Verbatim PP with higher nozzle temp)

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How come you use 100C bed temp with one manufacturer of PP but not with the other?

I used the Verbatim PP profile (220/100) with the nozzle temperature from the Fiberlogy profile (245/0). What does Verbatim PP profile with 245/100 temperatures mean. For comparison, I showed the source profiles. For clarity: I print with Fiberlogy PP. The original profile for this filament was prepared for printing on PP tape and a cold bed.

I’m using the engineering plate with Magigoo PP, and still parts pull up and warp. I’ve copied MotherOfInvention settings any tips?

Hi all,
I am thinking about purchasig the X1 Carbon, and I will need to print lots of PP parts.
I found this forum entry and I see that it is possible to configure a material profile to print this material.

But, I would also want to know if it would be possible to use some kind of water soluble support material with PP with this printer. I understand that the AMS is needed to print using different materials (am I right?), so I guess that PP should be compatible with AMS…

Regarding the plate adhesion, in our old 3d printer, we cover the plate with PP packaging tape and it works fine…

Thansk and best regards…