Warped bed :( seems like a common QC issue


Seems like my bed is warped. I see my printer constantly trying to compensate during a print (thanks ABL!) so I got curious and placed a ruler on a warm bed during a print.

Seems like it is warped :frowning:

Has anyone gone through this? How much of a print quality penalty I am incurring due to this defect?

(Made a post over at FB groups but I am curious what this community’s experience with this issue)


Same issue if you remove the build plate?


Yes. Measured it with the plate removed; hot and cold, with and without the plate. Consistent banana bed.

Just such a bummer.


I didn’t see the curve.

Is it flat on? Are the sides curved? Does it take off your print surface or not?

If you have all your printing surface available, the top of your tray is relatively flat and your first layer is flat then it does not impact the use


It is not a common QC issue. Mine is flat as flat can be.


Check the official Facebook group, quite a few of these popped up


So this is where I am not sure what’s happening. This is why I posted here. Look closely at the pictures. The bed curves in the middle. You ca see the edges of the ruler touching the bed while the middle of the ruler has a gap.

Nonetheless I have logged a ticket. I have had a few prints fail and have had some layering issues.


J’ai le même problème, je me demande si ce n’est pas a cause de la chauffe du lit pour le PA-CF.
J’ai envoyé un ticket mais pas de réponse pour l’instant.


bonjour! Merci pour votre commentaire. J’ai également vu plusieurs de ces problèmes sur Facebook. quand avez-vous enregistré votre ticket ? je l’ai connecté aujourd’hui.

veuillez excuser mon français. j’utilise Google Traduction.

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I had exactly the same problem, the bed was warped.
After a bit of back and forth with Bambu support they sent me a replacement. It is not difficult to replace, it is just a lot of work.

My printer’s print bed was warped from left to right, not front to back. So I could still use the printer, I just had to be careful where I placed the model.

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Thanks 3Dball! I am assuming you have already replaced it? Is the new bed alright?

I am reading reports on the FB group that some new beds being shipped are also warped


I have replaced it and the new bed is perfectly flat.


You must to put the rule in the middle of the bed. To 3DBall it’s really important but to you we can’t see.

I have a little curve but it’s not really important as 3dball. I think that all metal bed have that. My other printer, a Prusa like, have the same.

Can you put the FB link to see the other bed? I’m curious now

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Did you do a manual bed leveling Seyenah? we must to set it sometimes. In 3Dball case it isn’t enough but in your it’s a possible issue if it’s smooth and only on the edges

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If the bed is not straight, there is nothing you can do with manual bed levelling. The bed is held in place by three levelling screws, thankfully not four like most printers, which makes no mechanical sense.
In any case, a little curve in the bed should be acceptable, in my case it was too much.


Depend where is the problem, possible if it’s only the edges on the front that it works, why don’t try? It costs nothing. Yes, in your case wasn’t possible. It was impressive.


A couple of things:

  • as the commenter above said, no amount of manual bed leveling will take out the caved in bed. In my case, it has been the cause of my warped layers as well. These things have to be precise to do the work that they do. I am fine with tolerances but suffering through failed prints is unacceptable. I am convinced my mysterious layering issues so far have been due to the curved bed.

  • no matter where you place the ruler, the bed shouldn’t be curved.

Thanks for your suggestions but this isn’t user error but a QC issue. (Yes, yes, most don’t have this issue blah blah, but most not having this issue doesn’t invalidate the issue which I am and some others are facing).


Ok… fine. Bambu Lab said what? They’ll send a new bed? It’s a new printer out of Kickstarter, it’s possible to have defects (see fan, AMS rolls, firmware…etc) but Bambu Lab seem reactive to repair an issue or exchange part.

I cross my fingers, on my side it works well. No more nerve attacks as with my old Cartesian.

I hope Bambu Lab save your situation

Interesting. This morning, 3 hours ago, i got a mail from this forum with different topics. I noticed this thread, and was actually reading this post when i was on my way to the post office to collect my new bed that was sent from Bambu lab, because of this issue. Ok, i get home and take out the new bed, and i can even see it without a ruler that it looks warped, exactly like my first one. Take out the rulers and yesbox, this bed is also warped…Mostly in the X-led, like a banana.
I wrote to support about this, so lets see what that say… HOPE they take this issue seriously!
The quality control is really lousy.
As it is now i got ~200x200 mm somewhat usable bed area where the ABL can compensate. But to be honest, you can’t really get a full compensation, because if the bed is warped, even the model you are printing will be since it follows the surface.


Hi Bjorn,

I still haven’t heard from Support and it has been more than a week. Hopefully will hear back from them soon.

Sorry for the trouble on your end. Seems like the QC is bad on these beds. I wish we could utilize a glass print surface which would compensate for the banana beds (I would think that would be a possibility, no?)