X1 Lidar issues: Question to X1 users

Dear X1 users,

With my LIDAR trying to calibrate next to the calibration board since Firmware update, I would like to obtain a little clarity on this behavior which renders the LIDAR non-functional. Unfortunately, Support is not actually very supportive as they are promising to send parts but then failing to actually do so.

This behavior does however point me to the Bambu Lab Wiki for this error, stating that this particular bug is known to have one of its key causes in Firmware issues. All other points from the wiki could of course already be eliminated in my case.

So I would like to know if other X1 users, in particular of older models, are experiencing similar issues.

  • My LIDAR has no issue
  • My LIDAR is not functioning correctly and my X1 is younger than 3 months
  • My LIDAR is not functioning correctly and my X1 is 3 to 6 months old
  • My LIDAR is not functioning correctly and my X1 is 6 to 9 months old
  • My LIDAR is not functioning correctly, my X1 is older than 9 months
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Looking forward to your input,

you know that you can roll back to your previous version, don’t you? That might help solve your LIDAR problem.

Unfortunately not. Due to X1+, Bambu blocked the rollback option. For me, it is currently only possible to rollback from 01.07.02 to 01.07.01. Otherwise, that would have been an easy check.

However, due to the feedback received to the poll to date, I can no longer assume that this is a widespread issue. While a single user is currently experiencing pretty much exactly the same issue, the Bambu recommended resolution (USB-C and LIDAR replacement) is identical. Let’s see how we fare once the LIDAR’s have arrived and are installed. Fortunately, Bambu support notified of imminent dispatch. :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, I’ve read the BL top honcho’s press release on this matter…This appears to be BL “response” to the release of a third-party firmware, in fact a community-based firmware development, the X1 Plus Firmware, which enables jailbreaking the X1C from BL’s strictly controlled proprietary software. I’ve been trying to locate and download the X1 Plus firmware (to test it), but it seems that following the “chat” between BL top brass and the X1 Plus team, this community-based firmware can’t be found online any longer. If someone has a download link for the X1Plus firmware, I’d appreciate it if you could share it (either publicly or via pm).

There’s a thread in the forum where this has been extensively discussed.

You can’t roll back to anything earlier than 1.07 because that allows the X1+ FW to be loaded. BBL will let you load that X1+ FW if you want, but only after you sign a waiver that voids your warranty. And once done, you cannot go back to BBL FW.

Nothing Machiavellian about this. They’re struggling to support their legitimate user base. They don’t need the headache of users who mess stuff up with unsupported FW, too. So they’re saying “use it, but you’re on your own if you do” which is perfectly fine IMO.


This video gave an interesting perspective on this.


I have the exact same problem and after replacing USB cable, lidar, with a month back and forth between Bambu and myself the lidar still won’t complete initial calibrations.

I had a bunch of LIDAR issues and it ended up being the USB C cable that goes to the print head. I’m not sure why support isn’t sending you parts. Its never been an issue for me. I’d push the issue on getting replacement parts if your other troubleshooting hasn’t worked.