Xtouch installed!;)

No. Wrong there also. It has nothing to do with the mesh.

well, I dont know what to tell you. Mine works on a very simple 4g router.

On another note. There appears to be a problem with SanDisk 32 GB micro SD cards not mounting with these displays. Mine wouldn’t, and there’s a couple of people on the ESP32 forum with the same issue, even though their 32gb sandisk is not the same classification as mine. Some people replied they’d had o problems, but didn’t give the model of their microSd


Hi, I tryied install Xtouch for my P1S. I have ESP32-2,8. It is connected to my local nework, found printer,but when I confirm it, then it is disconected and repeate to connect, search printer etc. I tried change SD card, USB cable, adjust Coldboot time, but not help. Does somebody have any idea what can I try?

come over to the discord, there you can get all the help

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Please, could you share link to discord server? Thank you


Just sharing my experience as I’ve been using XTouch since it swapped to that name of P1 Touch. Ive have one installed on my P1P for awhile now and just installed one on my P1S. No issues with the printer. I had one connectivity issue installing the firmware with my computer on the 2nd one [doing everything I did exactly like the first one] yet the computer wouldnt find the COM port so I just used a different computer instead of messing around. Since installing XTouch I havent even touch my original screens. Sometimes I keep my printers on for days and never had disconnect issue. Only thing I’ve noticed is sometimes when I switch to move the X/Y gantry to the Z it sometimes wont swap it. Still works just on the wrong arrows, but thats usually when I’m going to fast on the screen or something. I’ve even connected the optional chamber temperature sensor to both with no issues. I have one that powers on with the unit via the USB port on the printer and one I power externally. This has greatly improved interfacing with the printer which was my initial concern with the original screen.

I recently noticed the other day (12.18.23) there was an OTA update pushed to the XTouch when I turned it on. Nothing seems to have changed, but thought I’d mention that if no one else noticed

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Looks like a third party company is about to release a touchscreen with more capability than xtouch, plus the ability to control multiple printers. Skip to 6:13 in video. https://youtu.be/p5dx5MqJTAA?si=nyQFnLZJrGwPHVNY

@dupras.steve this looks great! may I ask how you routed the USB cable on the P1S? The riser / lid seem to be in the way, i see there is a hole over on the right side but wasn’t sure i wanted to run such a long cable

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The cable is routed through the same hole as the power cable for the original screen. I had to slightly shave down the rubber surrounding the USB plug-in to fit it through, but it was not a problem.

Did you check you signal strength for your network if it is dropping the signal and then losing the connection?? Something to check anyways

@dupras.steve brilliant thank you!

I feel like using the mobile phone app is much more convenient and user friendly than any touchscreen… I barely use my P1S screen for anything other than checking how much print time is left :slight_smile:

I use LAN only mode, like many other users for a reason. So no option to use the handy app, bc handy app only with cloud.