Issue with print after using pause at layer in bambu slicer

Hello Everyone,

I am using the Bambu studio pause at layer in the slicer tool to switch out the AMS colors for a print that needs more than 4 colors. I’ve noticed on multiple different prints that the printer is off X and Y by 0.4mm (my extruder size) when returning from pause. Has anyone else used this and seen similar or not noticeable behavior?

I can provide pictures of the prints. I performed it multiple times and it seems like the 0’ing after the pause is not aligning with the previous 0 value.

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I’d be curious to know how long the print sat waiting for the restart? I’m thinking its possible that the print could partially cool and shrink causing the offset. This seems unlikely for a short print, but if its taller than 15mm-20mm high, it might be enough to offset a half millimeter on a long pause. Just a guess though.

Its a known issue, some of the many threads on this forum about this topic with reliable workarounds:

is there still no solution?

This issue has popped up in several recent threads, mostly involving color changes without an AMS. This thread reminded me that I did add magnets to a print not long ago.
Instead of Add Pause at the appropriate layer, I used Add Custom G-code:

M400 U1 ;pause
G28 X ;home

No layer shift.

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I am using one AMS. I am now starting to record my test projects to help figure out what is happening. I just made a 40 layer cylinder, changing the layers every 10 layers, and there was a layer shift at layer 11. Layers 11 through 40 were all perfectly aligned and no layer shift at the layer 20, the 2nd color change, or the layer 30, the 3rd color change.

I see the problem only happening at the 1st color change and no others.

Question: How is the GCODE different at the 1st color change vs the 2nd color change?

So for nearly a year this has been a problem and Bambu Lab has not fixed the problem? Have they provided an updated? Have they acknowledged the problem? So unless I’m printing single color prints I’m going to have a layer shift at the first color change? Does Bambu publish a known problem list? I realize it may look bad but it might be helpful for those of us who have already bought the product so we can stop wasting time and money.