Issue with print after using pause at layer in bambu slicer

Hello Everyone,

I am using the Bambu studio pause at layer in the slicer tool to switch out the AMS colors for a print that needs more than 4 colors. I’ve noticed on multiple different prints that the printer is off X and Y by 0.4mm (my extruder size) when returning from pause. Has anyone else used this and seen similar or not noticeable behavior?

I can provide pictures of the prints. I performed it multiple times and it seems like the 0’ing after the pause is not aligning with the previous 0 value.

I’d be curious to know how long the print sat waiting for the restart? I’m thinking its possible that the print could partially cool and shrink causing the offset. This seems unlikely for a short print, but if its taller than 15mm-20mm high, it might be enough to offset a half millimeter on a long pause. Just a guess though.

Its a known issue, some of the many threads on this forum about this topic with reliable workarounds: