Poll: Who wants LAN only mode for P1P and X1, and Bambu Studio?

Select yes if you want true LAN only mode.
True LAN only includes

  • connect printer to WIFI without requiring internet connection, using Handy, or logging in to your Bambu Lab account
  • all printer functions are accessible using LAN, including printing, monitoring, and camera
  • Bambu Studio supports LAN mode and in LAN mode only access the printer over the LAN and doesn’t constantly try to access bambulab servers like it does currently
  • Handy should also work on a LAN without needing cloud access and talk to the printer directly.
  • Yes
  • No

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My two cents, this mode should not drop the printer from the selection from when the user switch back to obtain updates.

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When I contacted Bambu Lab about the way Bambu Studio reconnects all the time instead of staying connected, they told me it was because staying connected cost them money. Of course this was based on their original model of cloud only use.


So we pay a premium price for the printer and get sub-standard parts so they can save money? I could see them doing that for the P1P, but the X1C?

I don’t see why Bambu Handy can’t work via LAN either. I would not give Bambu a pass on that.

Make Handy work via wifi on the home network. Let it be an at home remote if the user chooses it that way.

Plenty of connected smart devices will work via ethernet & wifi, and stay securely offline.

My security camera app on the phone & tablet works over home wifi to find the security cameras, video, settings, …
My home automation app works over home wifi to find the smart devices on the 110v electric lines, to turn stuff on/off etc.

No internet needed, and no reason to have these devices exposed online; if you don’t want them to be. Just keep them behind the firewall. But anyway. Bambu Handy should work as an at home or at the office remote in Wifi - Lan mode, imo. Even if it means for the printer and the app that it will be missing some functionality.


My poll includes Handy. I am suggesting that everything should work without ever having internet access.
I will update the wording.

Ideally, I would be able to buy the printer, have a friend who has an internet connection download the software and be able to use the printer with no loss of functionality.

I should also be able to download the firmware upgrade when I am somewhere with internet connectivity and install it without connecting the printer to the internet.

Currently Studio shows the firmware version and has an update button but it doesn’t work. The printer when in LAN only mode can’t check for firmware updates so you have to monitor the wiki to know when they are released. The worst part is to upgrade the firmware you have to go through the entire process to connect the printer to the internet.

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I already submitted an issue for Bambu Studio to make the firmware update that is on the device page functional. If this worked then the printer would not need to be fussed with. When connected to the internet Studio could check for the update, download it, and send it to the printer.


Yah I wish…my internet here in rural Maine drops out frequently enough it is getting annoying and really do not like having to rely on internet service to easily print. I have to go back to my backup MEGA X…grrrr…when I lose internet or just wait until it comes back up…but at least my old MEGA prints via USB

This is so needed, twice now I’ve lost acccess to my X1C after power outages. It connects to wifi again, the test checks out but neither the app or studio can connect to it.

I had to reset the whole printer and go through the soul draining process of connecting the printer via my phones hotspot.

A true lan mode is a requirement, what if they ever go out of business?

This is definitely needed as soon as…


Hey Bambu Labs, this cloud thing is the only reason I haven’t bought one of your printers yet.

Make all functionality working over LAN and I’m a happy new customer.

Especially now after Prusa failed with the laughable network speeds on their MK4 :frowning:


got my new x1c this morning, too bad the LAN mode is soo unfinished… need at least send file from bambu studio and see camera to follow printing…

It would also be nice to be able to access the SD card from Bambu Studio/Handy App and be able to add/delete files without actually removing the SD card and moving it to my computer.


I would not have purchased this printer had I known that I was going to have to opt in to sending my personal property on to Chinese (or anyone’s) servers to print remotely in my own network. I find this ridiculous. First of all I know this feature can easily be done by Bambu. All of my enders using Octoprint run fine on my local network. Also, even if I was ok with having my property pass through services outside of my local network, I am not ok with opening any type of connection that allows an outside entity to control components in my home! PLEASE FIX THIS BAMBU (I am P1P user)
I don’t care about the camera much and I care even less about the handy app. I just need to be able to control my farm from another room in my house.


Ssup with Prusa MK4 network speed? I missed that one…

I heartily agree we need a LAN only mode. Things go south and we won’t be able to use our printers. One thing you have to remember, all Chinese companies are owned and controlled by their government and they want all the data they can get.


I was about to buy the p1p but now thinking twice if I have to use cloud. I don’t want any devices to just spontaneously connect to internet whenever they like. Security is more important and besides, thanks to bambu printers, now can have choice of many other cheap 3d printers. prices are still dropping.

The printer is amazing, and with LAN only mode you can use it without the cloud. That is how I use it.

The software is not at all perfect, but I doubt anything other than a Prusa has better software.


julie777, in another post I believe it was you who mentioned using lan only mode and were still able to use the camera via Bambu Studio, how did you get that to work?

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The P1P camera will work with LAN mode, the X1C not.